Dye Concrete

“SuccessCrete”Dye Concrete is a penetrating, translucent dye concentrate designed to color concrete surfaces prior to being sealed,densified, or polished.
It is ideal for use on older interior concrete slabs, slabs where acid stain cannot be used, or areas that must be quickly returned to service.

When applied to bare concrete, polished concrete or overlays, Concrete Dye will provide intense, translucent color effects, similar to stains, without creating a film or coating that can be worn away.

It offers a wide range of penetrating colors that are both environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

Application Areas

With the popularity of 3D visual effects, many designers apply 3D visual effects in their lives.

Application Area of Dye Concrete 5
Application Area of Dye Concrete 2
Application Area of Dye Concrete 1
Application Area of Dye Concrete 6



Public buildings

Commercial buildings


Food processing plants

Application Area of Dye Concrete 8

Retail stores


Home environment


Distribution centers

Why Use Dye Concrete

Low maintenance

Completely sealed and polished,meaning you only need to lightly mop every so often to keep it looking its best.

Rich Vibrant Color

Easy to blend color pigments for endless custom color options.

safety icon

Safety & Anti skid

Being a polished and smooth floor,offers a non-slip surface.

durable icon


With the addition of concrete densifier,it can become the everlasting floor.

Environmental friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Polishing process does not involve any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

Why Choose Us

Success Crete is a professional concrete contractor & manufacturer, specializing in decorative concrete both in residential and commerical.

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15 years of production, R&D and construction experience (by professional R&D teams such as Chinese doctoral supervisors, chemical doctors, senior engineers, etc.)

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With 15 years skilful and professional construction team, a full range of technical guidance (on-site, video, etc…)

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Provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services, to help customers solve problems-oriented sales model

What We Sell

SuccessCrete Dye Concrete

Dye Concrete

SuccessCrete Dye Concrete Sealer

Dye Concrete Sealer

Dye Concrete Color Chart

Dye Concrete Chestnut
Dye Concrete Raw-Sienna
Dye Concrete Pine-Green
Dye Concrete Turquoise
Dye Concrete Midnight-Black

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