High Friction Surfacing

“SuccessCrete” High Friction Surfacing is a high friction surface treatment (HFST) which is a thin overlay applied to asphalt and / or concrete roads and highways to improve surface friction and resulting in decreased braking distances and threshold impact speeds in emergency situations.

Available in both modified epoxy or polyurethane formulated options,it is specifically designed to provide a unique depth and performance balancing continued colour retention and skid resistance for the design life of the product. Upon curing the HFS system is resistant to all road contaminates including oil, petrol and de-icing salts with excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Application areas

“SuccessCrete”High Friction Surfacingis suitable for the following scenarios

Highways and Roads



Car Parks


Public Transport

Specialist Parking Delineation

Traffic Median Divides

Pedestrian Refuge Islands

Bus & Tram Stops

Railway Crossings

Why Use High Friction Surfacing

  “SuccessCrete” High Friction Surfacing has the following advantages

high permeable icon

No limitation for pavement

Provides a solution for restoration of skid resistance on existing pavements(concrete & asphalt


Low Cost Treatment (when compared to removal and replacement existing pavement)

Easy to use

Provides a solution for “spot treatment” of a pavement where friction demand is highest,
it can be laid over existing surfaces

Fast return to service

Can be installed during short (3-4 hour) closures of the pavement and only one lane at a time

durable icon

Various color option

Available in a range of colors (Grey,Buff,Red,Green,Black,Blue)

Why Choose Us

Success Crete is a certified concrete contractor & manufacturer, specializing in decorative concrete both in residential and commercial

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With 20+years of experience, SuccessCrete also own the technology of Australian-owned enterprises

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With 20+ years skillful and professional construction team, a full range of technical guidance (on-site,video,etc…)

pre-sales and after-sales icon

Provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services, to help customers solve problems-oriented sales model

What We Sell

Part A

Part B

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High Friction Surfacing Color Chart

High Friction Surfacing on Success Crete Patterns 05
High Friction Surfacing on Success Crete Patterns 04
High Friction Surfacing on Success Crete Patterns 06
High Friction Surfacing Color 1
High Friction Surfacing on Success Crete Patterns 01
High Friction Surfacing Color 2

We`re happy to talk & provide a free quote!

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