Metallic Epoxy Floor

“SuccessCrete” Metallic Epoxy Floor contains metallic pigments to give an iridescent patina effect that appears to move and dance whilst the high reflectivity creates an attention-grabbing spectacle.

Metallic Epoxy Floor is individually created resulting in a one-off distinctive masterpiece.
It is created using an artistic brushed, swirled or splattered process to produce a unique and dazzling appearance resembling lava flow,
craters, waves or clouds.

To increase the attractiveness and durability of your concrete floor in a cost-effective installation, consider a Metallic Epoxy Floor System. Built to withstand regular wear and tear, it is suitable for just about any internal application.
The epoxy is tinted using a high quality colourant to ensure an opaque finish across the floor to provide a clean and uniform look.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Systems are one of the most affordable and versatile finishes for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. You can choose from one of the standard colours below or a custom tint to suit your particular project.

Application Areas

With the popularity of 3D visual effects, many designers apply 3D visual effects in their lives.



Commercial and retail

Public thoroughfares


Restaurants, cafés

Hotel lobbies

Office building reception areas

Recreational rooms

Why Use Metallic Epoxy Floor

Aesthetically pleasing

Can be worked out to be various effects and colors as you choose.


Chemicals & fluids resistance

Largely resistant to various chemicals and fluids such as oil, petrol, bleach, cleansing fluids, transmission fluids and more.

durable icon


Boast a longer lifespan than most other flooring surfaces and can be rolled out onto concrete without the need for mortar, glue or another adhesive.

Low Maintenance

Safeguards the concrete beneath it from unwanted moisture, grease, dirt and cracks. This helps to reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning that’s required.

Why Choose Us

Success Crete is a professional concrete contractor & manufacturer, specializing in decorative concrete both in residential and commercial.

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15 years of production, R&D and construction experience (by professional R&D teams such as Chinese doctoral supervisors, chemical doctors, senior engineers, etc.)

construction team icon

With 15 years skillful and professional construction team, a full range of technical guidance (on-site,video,etc…)

pre-sales and after-sales icon

Provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services, to help customers solve problems-oriented sales model.

What We Sell

Success Crete is a certified concrete contractor & manufacturer, specializing in decorative concrete both in residential and commercial, we also sell all kinds of relating product with 3D epoxy floor.

Metallic-Epoxy-Floor-Part A

Part A

Metallic-Epoxy-Floor-Part B

Part B

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Metallic Expoxy Floor Color Chart

We`re happy to talk & provide a free quote!

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