Pervious Concrete

“SuccessCrete” Pervious Concrete is a pervious concrete paving material which permits rain and storm water run off to percolate through. It consists of 4mm to 12mm average diameter aggregates, hydraulic cement, admixtures and some proprietary additives. It is different from conventional concrete in that it contains no fines and is pervious, hence it allows water to drain through and thus avoid ponding of water on its surface.

Pervious Concrete provides a more environmentally friendly hardscape surface by capturing stormwater and reducing the runoff from a site, allowing a gradual groundwater recharge. Pervious Concrete is traditionally used in parking areas, areas with light vehicular traffic, residential streets, pedestrian walkways, driveways and greenhouses. It is fast becoming the material of choice for sustainable and ‘green’ construction projects and is one of many low impact development techniques used by builders to protect water quality. Just like regular concrete, Pervious Concrete is available is a variety of aggregate sizes, colors and can even be stamped.

Application Areas

“SuccessCrete” Porous Concrete is suitable for the following scenarios

Application Areas of Pervious Concrete 3
Application Areas of Pervious Concrete 2
Application Areas of Pervious Concrete 5
Application Areas of Pervious Concrete 1

Open airs car parks

Pedestarain walkways

Slow Speed Driveways & alleys

Floor for wash areas

Application Areas of Pervious Concrete 4

Sidewalks and pathways

Golf cart paths

Park lanes and bike tracks

Landscape area surrounding tree

Why Use Porous Concrete

“SuccessCrete” Porous Concrete has the following advantages

high permeable icon

Highly permeable & porous

Allow larger volumes of water to pass through which diminishes water runoff by allowing water to soak through into the ground.

Reduces need for separate retention areas, increased usable square footage of the site.

Up to 30% void space.

safety icon


Lessens the chance of slip and fall accidents

durable icon

Flexible & durable

Resists crumbling/cracking, reduces ” trips and fall” accidents

Resistant to oil, chlorine, ozone, UV rays, muriatic acid, transmission fluid, gasonlie, diesel, hydraulicfluid, salt water and many other hostile materialsc

Non-intrusive installation

Mixed on-site and applied as a single monolithic pour with minimal equipment.

Can be applied in temperatures between 5°-35° C and generally cures in 24 hours.

Environmental friendly

Environmentally friendly

ADA Compliant

Drain away surface pollutants

Eliminate water ponding problems

Recycle drained water for use

Why Choose Us

Success Crete is a certified concrete contractor & manufacturer, specializing in decorative concrete both in residential and commercial

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15 years of production, R&D and construction experience (by professional R&D teams such as Chinese doctoral supervisors, chemical doctors, senior engineers, etc.)

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With 15 years skilful and professional construction team, a full range of technical guidance (on-site, video, etc…)

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Provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services, to help customers solve problems-oriented sales model

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Porous Concrete Patterns

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