Stenciled Concrete

“SuccessCrete ”Stenciled Concrete is an exciting new way apply colour,texture and character to existing concrete.It is polymer based cemetitious spray-on re-surfacing system. SuccessCrete Stenciled Concrete is formulated to produce a decorative abrasion resistant textured coating on existing plain concrete pavement,concrete slab floors and walls and is a non-slip surface simulating stone,brick pavers and tiles.


Stenciling is ideal for garden surrounds and enhacing your outdoor landscape as it is versatile and adds beauty to your living environment.Create a warm and inviting look to your home with the variety of colours and patterns available.

Application Area

“SuccessCrete” Stenciled Concrete is suitable for the following scenarios



Stenciled Concrete Project 13


Stenciled Concrete (7)


Stenciled Concrete (1)

Pool decks

Stenciled Concrete Project 12


Stenciled Concrete Project 10


Stenciled Concrete (6)


Stenciled Concrete (2)

Parking area

Stenciled Concrete Project 1


Why use stenciled concrete

“SuccessCrete ”Stenciled Concrete has the following advantages

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Skid Resistant

A textured finish appropriate for pavement slope is a safety feature for wet and dry conditio

Economy and Value

Strong, durable. A myriad of paving patterns and colour options. Cost competitive to day brick or tile alternatives.

Low Maintenance

Abrasion resistant to pedestrian and general vehicular traffic when applied in accordance with proper and workmanlike method.

Quality Assurance

Australian made. Proven fit-for-purpose to relevant Australian/New Zealand test methods. Written product warranty.

Multitude of Paving Applications

Driveways, footpaths, patios, terraces courtyards, pool surrounds, streetscapes … and many more

Why choose us

Success Crete is a certified concrete contractor & manufacturer, specializing in decorative concrete both in residential and commerical

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With 20+years of experience, SuccessCrete also own the technology of Australian-owned enterprises

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With a professional overseas sales team, SuccessCrete can always meet all our customer needs

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Comprehensive technical guidance, from on-site measurement to video guidance after completion

What We Sell?

We only provide the highest quality products to our customers as following

Colour Hardener

Curing Agent


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Stenciled Pattern

Stenciled Patterns1
Stenciled Patterns4
Stenciled Patterns7
Stenciled Patterns2
Stenciled Patterns5
Stenciled Patterns8
Stenciled Patterns3
Stenciled Patterns6
Stenciled Patterns9
Stenciled Patterns10
Stenciled Patterns11

Color Chart

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