What is an SuccessCrete anti-static floor?

SuccessCrete Anti-static flooring is a type of flooring that offers protection against any form of electrostatic discharge. For this to work, the floor is grounded so that it can lead the electrostatic discharge into the ground. That’s the reason why the word “ground” is used. There are many instances where SuccessCrete anti-static flooring is a necessity. For example, hospitals need to have SuccessCrete anti-static flooring, as do many industries that deal with computers. An electrostatic discharge can harm computers. Many electronic devices are used in an array of computerized equipment. That is why hospitals need SuccessCrete anti-static flooring. Any business that uses static sensitive operational equipment will need various forms of anti-static flooring.


Any place that uses flammable components that could become ignited through a tiny electrostatic spark will use anti-static flooring for apparent reasons. Besides, it is known that tiny particles of finely powdered substances may create dust clouds of static discharge. This can lead to an explosion that can cause a significant industrial accident. You have to understand that there are degrees of anti-static flooring, and explosives grade flooring will be entirely different than the anti-static flooring required in, say, hospitals, for example.


SuccessCrete Anti-static flooring is then utilized for communication system equipment, such as the police or emergency dispatch centers found in your county. This also requires scientific knowledge as to what kind of SuccessCrete anti-static flooring is necessary to keep the center going to protect the public.


It should be obvious now that a flooring company greatly needs knowledge about SuccessCrete anti-static flooring. Thus, if you require SuccessCrete anti-static flooring, you had the best deal with a flooring company with the experience needed to deal with such and has the necessary scientific personnel to gain that experience without putting others in danger.


Benefits of SuccessCrete anti-static flooring

Choosing a specific type of flooring for your business can be difficult since you may fall into ignorance of different flooring materials’ functions. In the case of industries, where numerous electrical devices and machinery are present, to guarantee safety and avoid damage to machines and workers, anti-static floors must be chosen. This article is meant to teach you the importance of anti-static vinyl flooring and some of the risks it can help you avoid.


The main benefit of using SuccessCrete ESD floors is clear. It reduces static discharges in your industry. This flooring type offers you reliability and free static protection for people and all those electrical devices, no matter how big they are. Beyond avoiding shocks, betting on anti-static flooring offers you other advantages. Among these are benefits such as:

High Strength and Durability

SuccessCrete Anti-static vinyl flooring, another type of anti-static flooring, is produced using reinforced polyurethane material. This material provides great resistance to possible wear, as well as guaranteeing outstanding durability.


Low Maintenance

SuccessCrete Anti-static flooring requires little maintenance before and after installing them. The material does not need any form of waxing or polishing every time to maintain its original state. The properties of vinyl flooring make it easier for you to forget this type of care.


Quick and Easy To Clean

This has nothing to do with static discharges, but dirt and debris can affect the pavement’s effectiveness in static control. This can be difficult if the cleaning process is complicated. You can clean an SuccessCrete anti-static floor by simply sweeping, wiping, then mopping the floor if you want to keep it clean every time.


Can You Avoid Static Damage Without ESD Flooring?

One of the best ways to safely fight static electricity without putting people and machines at risk is using anti-static vinyl floors. There are a few tricks available to help you minimize static electricity:


Increase the relative humidity of the environment – You can do this by using plants, water, or humidifiers.


Carry out a local analysis – It will be carried out by an electrical technician responsible for checking if there are factors that can cause an increase in electrical conductivity.


Carry out a specific cleaning – If you want to avoid static electricity discharges without SuccessCrete anti-static floors, cleaning is a key point to achieve this. Applying anti-static products during the cleaning of your industry will reduce the chances of discharge. The softener itself used to wash clothes can be used to carry out this function of cleaning the floor.


Although static electricity can not be avoided without vinyl flooring, it is not a safe fact. Opting for anti-static flooring will make your industry always safe and occupational risks are minimized. You can use the previously mentioned tricks until you proceed to install the floor.


Anti-static concrete suppliers

Anti-StaticFlooring HPL/PVC Raised Floor

FOB PriceUS $ 18-30 / Square Meter

Min. Order100 Square Meters

Material: Metal

Size: 600*600mm

Function: Thermal Insulation, Anti-Fouling, Fireproof, Soundproof, Waterproof, Anti-static

Surface Treatment: HPL, PVC

Color: Optional

Metal Type: Steel

Anti-static HPL/PVC Raised Access Floor 

FOB PriceUS $ 18-30 / Square Meter

Min. Order100 Square Meters

Material: Metal

Size: 600*600mm

Function:  Anti-Fouling, Fireproof, Soundproof, Waterproof, Anti-static

Surface Treatment: Simple Color

Color: Optional

Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy

Slip Resistant Anti-StaticAnti-Bacterial PVC Vinyl Homogeneous Flooring for Hospital 

FOB PriceUS $ 5-15 / Square Meter

 Min. Order: 500 Square Meters

Material: PVC

Style: Modern

Function:  Anti-Slip, Moisture-Proof, Rot Proof, Wear-Resistant, Fireproof, Waterproof, Soundproof, Anti-Static, Thermal Insulation

Thickness: 2mm

Lead Hardness: Resilient

Surface Treatment: Customized

Morden Design 2mx20m PVC Vinyl Floor Roll AntiStatic Waterproof PVC Vinyl Homogeneous Commercial Roll Carpet Flooring with Multi Colors for Hospital 

FOB PriceUS $ 4.5-6.5 / Square Meter

Min. Order200 Square Meters

Material: PVC

Style: Modern

Function: Anti-Slip, Moisture-Proof, Rot Proof, Wear-Resistant, Fireproof, Waterproof, Soundproof, Anti-Static, Thermal Insulation

Thickness: 2mm

Lead Hardness: Soft

Surface Treatment: Simple Color

SuccessCrete Pattern Imprinted Concrete

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