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All About Dye Concrete

1.What is Dye Concrete?

Success Crete Dye Concrete is a kind of permeable floor dye product. Our Dye Concrete product can penetrate into the concrete interior, which not only has excellent sealing and curing effect, but also can more effectively improve the strength of concrete base surface so that the original concrete floor can be added with a variety of beautiful colours, and the colour is uniform, solid and durable, not easy to colour fading. There are five base kinds of colours: red, yellow, blue, green, black.

Where and what type of floor can be used?

2.1). What types of floor can be applied?

It is suitable for concrete,wear-resistant floor, terrazzo and other concrete based floor.

  2.2). Where will be the ideal choice to apply as the following places?

  A).All types of factories (like Power plant, chemical plant, warehouse, food and beverage plant, electronic products plant, sewage treatment plant, pharmaceutical factory, cold storage plant, power plant, textile factory)

  B).Public areas: (mall,sidewalk,patio,library,museum,lobby,hotel,toilet,etc)

C).Transportation land: (wharf, port, parking lot, airport, auto 4S shop, vehicle repair centre, logistics centre, etc)

  D). Commercial areas:(commercial buildings, restaurants and bars, food stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, outlets, gym centres, pet stores, parks, etc)

E).Other sites: (hospitals, dormitories, scientific research institutions, etc)

What details need to pay attention in the process?

# Old ground handling

The old ground should be renovated with the concrete sealing curing agent, and the ground should be cleaned in the early stage, such as grease, cracks, old coating, etc. Oil stains can be cleaned with detergent, and in case of serious pollution, alcohol combustion is recommended for removal. Cracks and holes are filled with cement-based repair mortar. Remove old coatings, chemical or mechanical methods are available.

  # Ground levelling

The levelling effect has a great influence on the display effect of the finished floor. Generally speaking, the higher the flatness of the ground, the better the mirror effect displayed in the later stage.It is recommended to use laser levelling machine for levelling if the level requirement is high.

dye concrete
dye concrete2

# Material ratio

Polished Concrete seal curing agent to water ratio is generally in 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, and colourant can’t mix with water, there are no too rigid requirements. If the ground condition is poor, it is recommended to reduce the amount of water.

# Times of applied

Theoretically speaking, the times of concrete sealing curing agent are two, and the ground condition is poor but can be added more does as appropriate. But it can’t be abused, otherwise, it is easy to cause the white issue.

# Keep ground dry

High water content ground will affect the penetration of concrete sealing curing agent material, on the one hand, affect the finished, on the other hand also cause material waste.

# Polishing times

The mirror effect of Polished Concrete is mainly accomplished by several polishing steps.If you don’t carry on polishing treatment, it will turn out to be matte effect;Generally speaking, the effect of polishing is linked to polishing mesh number, the higher the polishing mesh number, the better the effect.

# Construction condition

The best construction temperature range of Polished Concrete is between 5-35℃, it is not conducive to material penetration in low temperature, and it is easy to cause evaporation in high temperature, both of them are not conducive to the construction.

dye concrete3

What’re the features of Dye Concrete?

.1. Harden: The hardness of concrete has been improved obviously after seal curing and dyeing treatment

2. Wear resistance: Improves the wear resistance and scratch-resistance of floors.

3. Dustproof: It is combined with the salt content in concrete to form a compact whole, which can be permanently sealed to completely prevent dust generation and powderization.

4. Anti-pollution: Reduce tire marks, stains, and easy to remove

5. Impermeable: Deep seal to form a tight impermeable entity to prevent the erosion of various chemicals and extend the service life

6. Gloss: After treatments of curing and dyeing and polishing, it will produce attractive luster which will keep fresh for a long time

7. Curing: Colorant penetrates into concrete to form an impermeable sealing layer that can reduce water loss to ensure full and uniform curing

8. Free of repair: No need to repair and renovate as the coating material

9. Longevity: The service life of the polished and dyeing floor is more than 5 years without fading

.What’s the difference between “Dye Concrete” and “Acid Stain”?

Acid Stain (Permanent colouring for a long time)

Acid Stain is a process of Acid Stain agent to react with minerals in the concrete to allow the colour to permeate to the surface and permanent colouring.The various colours that permeate the concrete interior will keep the beautiful colour and become a permanent part of the concrete; Compared with ordinary concrete, Acid Stain has higher strength, and will not fall off, fade, and has the function of sealing and curing.

 Dye Concrete( Permanent surface colour with 5~8mm)

Dye Concrete system is a process of colourant on the surface react with minerals in the concrete so that the colour can be permeated into the surface of concrete within 5-8 mm, and without fading, peeling, cracking. Colourant penetrates into each part of the concrete in a variety of colours that will maintain beautiful colour and become a permanent part of the concrete.

What’s else of Dye Concrete?

Polished Concrete can meet the people’s requirement of performances with its wear-resisting, impermeable, durable. But its dark and single colour is also a weakness, which can make people choose it with hesitation. But after the appearance of Concrete Dye, it is a very perfect option to solve people’s pursuit of appearance and strength. It is made the floor from single colour to colourful. With proper collocation of floor colour, it can make the living and working environment more comfortable and healthy.

If normal dyes stick is like a sticker, then Dye Concrete is like a tattoo penetrates into the ground, which avoids the ugly appearance caused by the peeling of the Epoxy floor.

Concrete Dye minimizes the impact of fresh concrete and environment on the construction and maximizes the decorative effect on the concrete surface. It can help the customers’ to reflect their unique creativity on the concrete surface and to create a unique concrete floor with patterns and colour effects. It is suitable for all kinds of interior structure into old concrete or fresh concrete surface with a decorative effect.

Dye Concrete

“SuccessCrete” Dye Concrete is a penetrating, translucent dye concentrate designed to colour concrete surfaces prior to being sealed, densified, or polished.
It is ideal for use on older interior concrete slabs, slabs where acid stain cannot be used, or areas that must be quickly returned to service.

When applied to bare concrete, polished concrete or overlays, Concrete Dye will provide intense, translucent colour effects, similar to stains, without creating a film or coating that can be worn away.

It offers a wide range of penetrating colours that are both environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

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