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Best 10 micro cement suppliers


Micro cement is certainly a fascinating material, micro cement suppliers have been gaining popularity recently as well.

An innovative micro-cement finish can be applied over a range of wall and floor substrates, to create excellent, durable decorative surfaces.

Additionally, micro-cement is easier to apply than other forms of cement, due to its unique qualities. Not only that but micro cement is hugely versatile and available in many different designs; perfect for creating unique looks ranging from minimalistic concrete to classic vintage patterns.

And unlike some traditional materials like tiles or wood, micro cement doesn’t require as much costly and timely maintenance when it comes time to freshen up your decor.

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Design a unique space with microcement

Looking to bring some innovative style into your home?

Our micro cement suppliers are here with nearly a hundred projects under our belt to help you create an amazing space that’s the perfect reflection of you.

From microcement floors for a seamless look, unique furniture pieces for those special details, or just searching for ideas – check out our project gallery!

Whether it be empty nesters sprucing up their place or busy executives adding character to their living spaces, we’ve got something tailored just right for anyone looking to make a statement in their homes. Get inspired today and request your free consultation now!

Introducing micro cement to your interior surfaces is an excellent choice,

As it can bring a sense of modernity and style to any room.

Micro cement suppliers also offer significant durability and versatility, which means that no matter what kind of space you have, micro cement can quickly adapt and update the appearance of your walls, floors, countertops, or furniture surfaces.

Whether you’re looking for something simple and timeless or wild and colorful – micro cement has got you covered. All in all micro cement is an incredibly appealing introduction to the world of home décor!

micro cement suppliers

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  2. How is cement made
  3. The benefit of micro cement
  4. Best 10 micro cement suppliers

What is micro cement?

Microcement is the ultimate way to add an opulent touch of luxury and style to any space. This high-end coating that micro cement suppliers provide allows you to customize your surfaces with ease, creating a seamless finish that oozes sophistication.

This innovative cladding provides a unique decorative style that maximizes the spaciousness of any room.

Its unmatched heat and wear resistance make it an ideal solution for both interiors and exteriors, plus you don’t have to worry about cracking or breaking down over time.

Get creative – no two surfaces are ever alike with this revolutionary material covering floors and walls!

It’s made from cement, resin, and polymer-based materials that mimic the look of real concrete – so you get all the beauty without any mess! Popularly known as micro-mortar, micro concrete, or sometimes just ‘microfinancing’, it can be used on walls, floors… anywhere really – transforming boring into bold in an instant!

With its special blend of cement, resins, and pigments, this affable adhesive can stick to just about any surface – from tiles and marble to plaster.

Its reliability makes it a go-to choice for anyone looking for an easy way to apply materials without hassle.

Why it’s become a favorite

In addition to its modern look, it is easy to customize: colors, tones, and finishes.

Breathe new life into your home or business with an easy, 3mm coating that transforms any space. Discover the versatility of cement aesthetics, and when it comes to renovations!

micro cement

How are cement made

Cement is a binder, a chemical substance used for construction that sets, hardens, and adheres to other materials to bind them together.

Cement is seldom used on its own, but rather to bind sand and gravel (aggregate) together. Cement mixed with fine aggregate produces mortar for masonry, or with sand and gravel, produces concrete. Concrete is the most widely used material in existence and is behind only water as the planet’s most-consumed resource.

Cement used in construction is usually inorganic, often lime or calcium silicate based, which can be characterized as hydraulic or the less common non-hydraulic, depending on the ability of the cement to set in the presence of water (see hydraulic and non-hydraulic lime plaster).

Hydraulic types of cement (e.g., Portland cement) set and become adhesive through a chemical reaction between the dry ingredients and water.

The chemical reaction results in mineral hydrates that are not very water-soluble and so are quite durable in water and safe from chemical attack.

This allows setting in wet conditions or underwater and further protects the hardened material from chemical attack.

The chemical process for hydraulic cement was founded by ancient Romans who used volcanic ash (pozzolana) with added lime (calcium oxide).

Non-hydraulic cement (less common) does not set in wet conditions or underwater. Rather, it sets as it dries and reacts with carbon dioxide in the air. It is resistant to attack by chemicals after setting.

The word “cement” can be traced back to the Ancient Roman term opus caementicium, used to describe masonry resembling modern concrete that was made from crushed rock with burnt lime as binder.

The volcanic ash and pulverized brick supplements that were added to the burnt lime, to obtain a hydraulic binder, were later referred to as cementum, cementum, cäment, and cement.

In modern times, organic polymers are sometimes used as the cement in concrete.

micro cement

How is micro cement made?

Microcement or Microcemento, as it is widely known in Europe, is a very fine cement coating that combines fine aggregates mixed with a water-based liquid polymer or a powdered resin polymer.

The coating consists of three to four very thin layers of product coating.

Polished plaster in a manner similar to Venetian plaster, such as Marmarino and Gracello.

Most microcement consists primarily of fast-hardening cement, fine fillers (such as calcium carbonate or fine quartz powder), fine aggregates, and binder polymers, so the product can adhere to most surfaces, including cement mortars, concrete, tiles, cement boards, plaster boards, etc.

By mixing these ingredients together, a strong and flexible medium can be created that can be applied to floors, walls, and furniture fixtures.

The fast-hardening cement and additives will quickly produce super strength.

micro cement suppliers

The benefit of micro cement

Microcement is quite the all-rounder. Not only is it perfect for sprucing up any dull flooring, but you can also use it to liven up walls, steps, and facades! It’s become a go-to material in residential and commercial buildings.

Microcement has increasingly become the go-to material to spruce up interior environments and amazes with its aesthetic qualities.

Plus, it’s a budget-friendly solution compared to polished concrete – making homes, offices, and commercial spaces look brand new on a tight budget!


Resistance to moisture and water

High-wearing feature

Excellent adhesion and can attach to various base surfaces

Sun-resistant (for outdoor spaces and building facades)

High mechanical resistance to withstand abrasive changes caused by traffic and weather

Multiple textures and colors

High strength anti-cracking

micro cement suppliers

Best 10 micro cement suppliers

Where to buy microcement in USA?

Name: Successcrete

Why Choose Us?

As a reliable manufacturer and contractor, Success Crete can help you to realize the work in accordance with the design and budget you wanted.

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We developed technology from Australia Decorative Concrete for more than 20 years, which can be applied to Patios, Pool Decks, Entrances, driveways, Courtyards, Walkways, etc.

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With our ability and quality of work, we can help you to realize the work in accordance with any designs you wanted. You can consult on the color and design that suits your budget and your needs.


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Xintang, Zengchang, Guangzhou,

Guangdong, China

Tel:+86-186 1735 4612


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Microcement concrete

Name: Topciment

Topciment’s microcement factory is unique in Spain. Innovative facilities cover an area of over 4,000 square meters and are equipped with the most modern machinery on the microcement market and the most advanced technologies.


A privileged infrastructure in which we find the largest showroom in Europe; a room of 140 square meters in which the practical part of our training courses for professionals is imparted; another room of 100 square meters for the theoretical part of our courses and in which various presentations are carried out; and a large laboratory, perfectly equipped, in which our team of qualified chemists works very hard to improve the performance and quality of the micro cement that we manufacture.

Tel: +34 963 925 980

Microcement Flooring

Name: Concrete Lab

Concrete Lab was born out of our sister company Concrete Carrot, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bespoke artisan concrete products.  In 2013 when we began our Concrete Carrot journey we found it difficult to get hold of the right information and products.

In order to perfect the Concrete Carrot range of worktops, decorative panels, tiling, and furniture, we have tested hundreds of materials, methods, and techniques, some with more success than others!

Concrete Lab is our way of sharing the knowledge we have gained and the range of products we use on a daily basis and therefore know and trust. We either manufacture these products ourselves or use them regularly.

We are not saying that making your own concrete will be easy – we aim to provide you with the best products we have found, however they will still require your input as an individual craftsman.

Address:Unit C3 Station Approach Industrial Estate Penarth CF64 3EE

Tel: +44(0)2920 706385


What is Microcement Flooring

Name: Microcement Supplies UK

Microcement Supplies, UK’s top supplier of Microcement. We import our Microcement from the leading Microcement manufacturer in Spain.


Our Microcement can be used to create unique decorative finishes on floors, walls, bathrooms, shower trays, furniture, and more. Our Microcement can also be used outdoors and can be applied over almost all types of substrates.


Our Bi-component Microcement produces coatings with high flexural strength and allows you to work comfortably.

Address: Microcement Supplies UK, Office Address; 27 Warren Way, Telscombe Cliffs, East Sussex, BN10 7DL

Tel:  (0) 1273 557 932


Name:Toppus Group

Located in London, with products stored in warehouses across the United Kingdom, we strive to offer professional tools and materials for flooring contractors.

Toppus Group is a well-established supplying company that has built up an enviable reputation within the flooring industry. With over 10 years of experience in the seamless flooring trade, Toppus Group supplies HIGH-QUALITY resins, microcement, and flooring tools for flooring contractors in the UK.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

Toppus online store is designed to provide in one place the necessary resin materials and tools to resin flooring specialists and microcement professionals. All our products have been tested by manufacturers, as well as by installers on hundreds of projects in the UK and Europe, proving once again their durability and reliability.

Tel: + (44) 2080999070

Name: Minirasex

Established in 1964 by Riccardo Vavassori, APSE is today among the largest producers and exporters of made-in-Italy surface hardeneres, cement, self-leveling epoxy, and polyurethane resins. APSE products are the best solution for making industrial, civil, and commercial floors, and living surfaces.

Address:Via Brescia , 17

24040 Ciserano

(loc. Zingonia )BG Italia.


Tel: +39 3355898555

What is Microcement Flooring

Name: Relentless Microcement

We believe the benefits of Microcement should be enjoyed by everyone, which is why we’ve developed a wide range of assets to help every installer, from microcement professionals to tradespeople to DIYers, exceed expectations with their microcement installations. Full, detailed installation guides and step-by-step are available to all, as is access to our intensive face-to-face or bespoke training courses.  You’ll receive training videos on all orders over £240.  Plus our technical team has extensive installation experience, which we’re more than happy to share.

Address:78-79 Railway St, Leeds LS9 8HB

Tel: 0333 577 2611

What is Microcement

Name:Ibiza Microcement

Our advice is that when choosing a supplier, don’t just look at the price, but ask all the right questions in order to ensure the staff’s professionalism as well as the quality of the products used.

At FUTURCRET MICROCEMENT we know this and that’s why we adjust our prices so that you can feel completely at ease with your choice and get the best quality on the market. It’s no wonder we’ve been manufacturing the best microcement for over 10 years.

If you like, you can contact us by calling our phone number or using the web form. We’ll inform you with no obligation, answer all your queries and give you a free estimate that we’re sure will interest you.

Address: Ronda del General Mitre, 192

08006 Barcelona

Tel: +34 93 247 99 33

What is Microcement Flooring


Kcberry, Ltd is a leader in microcement suppliers.

About Us – Microcement Kcberry is the best coating finish option for those who want to rebuild their home or company.

Architects and interior designers are demanding a durable modern finish, often replicating a polished concrete effect. It has a 3mm maximum thickness, so there is no need to adjust fixtures or heights, or install floor screed, etc. Microcement goes over virtually any sub-base, is joint-free, and can be applied in any color. We also supply our Microcement to the private market, should it be a bathroom, wet room, kitchen floor, kitchen worktops, or even feature walls. Whatever your needs, Kcberry can supply you with quality Microcement products.



Bautech Flooring UK Ltd is an exclusive UK distributor and installer of Bautech systems.


Our goal is to deliver a complete service from supplying to installing industrial and decorative flooring. Consisting of micro cement, resin, polished concrete, and terrazzo, we aim to deliver the highest technical characteristics.



Chamber House

Unit 7, 49 Gildredge Road.

Eastbourne, East Sussex

BN21 4RY

Tel: +44  (1323) 301 370



We hope you enjoyed this list of micro cement companies, and have a clear perception of where to buy microcement.

If there are any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us!

And don’t forget about our next blog post where we will discuss the latest trends in micro cement – thanks for reading!Micro Cement

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