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Commercial Floor Series – Polished Concrete

What is Polished Concrete?

Success Concrete Polished Concrete is a kind of permeable liquid sealing and curing agent. Through the effective penetration of materials, a series of chemical reactions are generated with the free calcium lime and the semi-aqueous compounds in the concrete, forming high density and high strength crystal in the interior and surface of the surface. It can effectively improve the hardness, strength, density and wear resistance of the floor, improve the impermeability function of the floor, completely prevent the generation of dust, greatly extend the overall service life of the floor.

Where can be used?

2.1 What type of substrates is fit for it?

It is suitable for all kinds of new and old concrete floors, terrazzo, emery ware-resistant floor and other concrete-based floors.

 2.2 What areas are fit for apply?

It is typical applications as the following areas:

  1. Workshop
  2. Logistic and warehouse
  3. Parking lot
  4. Supermarket
  5. Various production bases
  6. Commercial building
  7. Restaurant
  8. Library
  9. School
  10. 4S Service Center
  11. Airport
  12. Hospital


What should be paid attention to in Polished Concrete construction?

Polished Concrete has improved the previous floors defects such as sanding and non-wear resistance. What should be paid attention to in the construction of Polished Concrete?There are tips as following:

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1.Before applying, the substrate shall be dry, clean, free from pollution, cracks and pits shall be properly treated.

2. Before applied, extra surface sealants should be thoroughly cleaned, including wax, oil, rubber, and surface attachments sealed with paint, etc. If the ground is cleaned with acidic substances, the acid must be neutralizeThen it can be carried out by sealing curing agent.

3. It is not suitable to use on the surface that left a lot of pores, so it should not be used on the stone creation of lightweight or other large pores.

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4. Using a key or something hard scraped the ground to test that no obvious white scratch or even no more scratch situation, then we can be polished.

5. Construction tools shall be used separately.

6. If coloured cement is used, it should be used after the curing period not use it on the surface of glass or metal, which will be washed away immediately.

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7. Floor in dry condition: to ensure that the penetration of curing agent fully grinding pressure to the concrete pores, it is conducive to the formation of polysilicon layer.

8. Sufficient infiltration soaking time of curing agent (more than 4 hours): ensure the depth of polysilicon layer.The longer application time, the higher the hardness.

9.Thoroughly clean the ground: It is good for the aesthetic appearance of no hardening material remains on the surface.

The above is made up to give you to sort out the construction of the Polished Concrete matters needing attention.

What’re the features of Polished Concrete?

Wear resistance

After using Success Crete Liquid Curing agent series(Part C& Part A), the hardness of the ground increased several times, and its wear resistance will improve eventually.

Sealing performance

It can effectively penetrate into the tiny space into concrete, and our curing agent and concrete reactant can fully fill the pores of the concrete, so as to improve the compactness of substrate.


Success Crete Curing Agent can react with the ground to effectively prevent the penetration of oil and other liquid. During the effective period, it will no leave any stains.


Success Crete Curing Agent and concrete are integrated,no a coating level, no peeling and falling off, and the shelf life is about 20 years in a lab test.

Ageing resistance

After treatment, the anti-ageing performance of the ground is improved significantly, which greatly slows down the ageing and weather speed.

High gross

After treatment, the ground presents a marble-like shine by mechanical grinding and polishing.

Impact resistance

Success Crete Sealer penetrates into the interior of concrete, which improves the strength and hardness of concrete substrate, and have outstanding impact resistance.

polished concrete

Curing resistance

After the construction of the curing agent, the curing of the concrete substrate can be strengthened, the water loss of the surface layer can be reduced, and the crack of the concrete can be restrained.

Dustproof property

The use of sealer can prevent the dust inside the concrete from separating out from the surface gap, and the ground will not produce dust.

Green healthy

As an aquatic product, SuccessCrete is non-combustible, odourless, non-toxic, VOC free, green and healthy, and can be used in food-grade places

What’s the difference between “Polished Concrete” and “Epoxy Resin Floor”?

ItemEpoxy Resin Floor“Success Crete” Polished Concrete
Skid resistanceDry surface friction coefficient:0.60Dry surface friction coefficient:0.86
Brightnessthe more use,the darkerthe more use,the more gloss
Wear-resisting degree2.36.3
Surface hardnessMohs hardness 2-3Mohs hardness 5-6
Tyre markEasy to leave tire marks, and not easy to removeno tire marks
Dustproof effectNo dustNo dust
Oil resistanceso-soGood
Use in humid conditionEasy to swell and flake, waterproof layer should be made before constructionNo waterproof  requirements
Fire ratingB classA1 class
Safety and environmental protectionSlight toxicity and irritation, fire prevention, not environmental protectionComply with all VOC regulations, non – toxic, non – flammable, environmental protection
The degree of vulnerabilityEasy to wear out, easy to leave black scratches, getting oldHard to wear
Maintenanceneed to waxno wax,only use clean water or occasionally soapy water
Quality assurance 1 year5 years
Service life 3 – 5 yearsmore than 5 years

What’s else of Polished Concrete?

Compared with all kinds of floor materials, Epoxy Resin floor is toxic and irritating, PVC floor is sticky and volatile, and concrete sealing curing agent(known as Polished Concrete), as a permeable water agent material, it conforms to the industry VOC regulation, with non-toxic and tasteless which can achieve high-quality environmental protection, even after polishing will not produce harmful dust.

Polished Concrete is the inorganic industrial floor, which is better than epoxy resin, polyurethane and other organic industrial floors in most performances, and more suitable for the requirements of factories, logistics centres, supermarkets and other places. After comparing the two from various aspects, most users will choose Polished Concrete for its better construction performance, and the organic floor tends to become the role of supplement and collocation. What’s more, except for the colour effect and barrier property of Polished Concrete is slightly inferior to that of the organic floor, hardness, abrasion resistance, life, environmental protection and other properties have obviously crushed the opponents.

Polished Concrete, also known as concrete seal curing agent floor, is a typical representative of the inorganic floor.

First of all, Polished Concrete has an incomparable strength compared with the organic floor. After applied curing agent, the Mohs hardness can be promoted to the high level of 7-8 (Mohs hardness is up to 10, that means the hardness of diamond), which can meet the requirements of high strength operation.

Secondly, Polished Concrete has an incomparable service life compared with the conventional floor. It can effectively extend the service time particular in the application of automatic workshop, which reduced the frequency and cost of floor replacement and builds the sustainable development power in the factory operation.

Finally, the curing agent for Polished Concrete is widely used, which can not only hardening the ordinary cement ground but also renovate the emery, terrazzo and other concrete-base ground.In this way, on the one hand, It can be renovated and upgraded in the original ground, and on the other hand, it doesn’t need to be re-laid, which greatly saves the construction cost.

Polished Concrete

“SuccessCrete” Polished Concrete transforms ordinary concrete surfaces into exceptionally durable, attractive floors. The system uses a patented, dry grinding process that includes special techniques and products to smooth, polish, colour and densify both new and existing concrete floor surfaces.

Today, polished concrete is considered a sophisticated yet cost-effective option, and we take this one step level further by offering you a polished custom flooring design. Polished concrete has been around for a number of years, but was mostly relegated to warehouse floors. With the introduction of concrete dye and specific finishing options, this durable and low-maintenance floor has entered the architectural mainstream.

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