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Current situation of concrete china


In recent years, the Chinese construction industry has developed rapidly. Therefore, concrete china market is also getting bigger and bigger.

After years of development, Chinese concrete industry has become mature.

At the same time, Chinese manufacturers have greatly improved the performance and decoration of concrete.  Moreover, Chinese concrete has also squeezed into the forefront of the world.

Nowadays, concrete is widely used in various occasions. The Chinese concrete market has also introduced more and more versatile products.

concrete concstruction

What is concrete china

Cement roads and cement walls can be seen everywhere on the street.

But many of them are concrete. So, what is concrete?

People use cement as glue. At the same time, sand and stone are used as additional materials. These materials are matched with water in a certain ratio. Then, mixing them and getting cement concrete. It is also called ordinary concrete.

It is an artificial stone. And, it is widely used in civil engineering. At the same time, it is also one of the most important civil engineering materials.

According to the different raw materials used, there are many types of concrete. In the following content, there is a detailed introduction.


There are many raw materials for concrete China. Therefore, its price is relatively low, and more and more people use it.

Besides, concrete has good compressive strength and durability.

These characteristics also make it very widely used.

For example, people not only use concrete in various civil engineering, but also shipbuilding, mechanical industry, marine development, and geothermal engineering.

Types of concrete china

The following three concretes are often used outdoors.

pervious concrete

Pervious concrete is designed by Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

It aims at the defects of the original urban road surface. Moreover, it is a paving material.

Regarding its functions, listed below one by one:

It allows rainwater to flow into the ground. This effectively supplements groundwater. At the same time, it can alleviate the urban environmental problem of a sharp drop in the city’s groundwater level.

Besides, it can effectively eliminate the environmental pollution hazards of oil compounds on the ground. In this way, it also protects groundwater.

Therefore, many countries are promoting pervious concrete in large quantities.

pervious concrete

stencilled concrete

People use special moulds and materials to treat the surface of the concrete to make stencilled concrete.

It can have various colours and pattern effects. Additionally, it can also have a three-dimensional effect.

Moreover, there is a protective agent on the surface of the stencilled concrete.

Correspondingly, it protects the colour of the ground. So, that increases the anti-friction effect of stencilled concrete.

stencilled concrete

The following three concretes are often used in commercial places.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete is used for a decorative cement floor.

Meanwhile, concrete polishing makes the rough, monotonous concrete surface elegant and durable.

Besides, people can directly repair, polish and harden the existing concrete floor.

polished concrete

Dye concrete

Dye concrete is a new type of dyed floor. People add dyeing effect on the basic solid floor to make it.

dye concrete

Cement concrete

People use cement as a binder. Then, use sand and stone as additional materials. These materials cooperate with water. Mix them to get cement concrete.

It belongs to artificial stones.

According to the different raw materials used, cement concrete can be divided into:

  1. Gypsum concrete
  2. Asphalt concrete
  3. Polymer concrete

Silicate concrete

Silicate concrete is concrete with hydrated calcium silicate as the main component.

If you want to know more about types of concrete, please visit Types of concrete on Wikipedia

cement concrete

Features of concrete china

Previous concrete

Compared with permeable bricks, pervious concrete has a higher bearing capacity.

Moreover, previous concrete can be designed in colourful and decorative styles, according to different environments and individual requirements.

Besides, when you need to clean the previous concrete, you only need to rinse with high-pressure water.

So, it’s convenient to maintain and clean it.

Compared with asphalt, previous concrete has better durability and abrasion resistance.

Because of the virtues above, using previous concrete can also avoid the uneconomic shortcomings of permeable bricks.

Stamped concrete

People can make stamped concrete into various patterns. It can have the appearance of pebbles, bricks, wild stones, slate and other natural stones.

In this way, it can harmoniously match with the surrounding environment.

Meanwhile, it does not require a lot of maintenance. So, it saves costs.
Compared with natural materials, stamped concrete has more stable physical properties. So, it is more durable and convenient for long-term use.

Stencilled concrete

Features of stencilled concrete are as follow:

  1. Anti-slip: The slope and textured finish of the stencilled concrete pavement are safer in both dry and wet road conditions.
    Economy and value: Stenciled concrete is strong and durable.
  2. On the other hand, it is cheaper than the common brick substitutes.
  3. Low maintenance: Due to its wear resistance, it can be used properly.

Polished concrete

  • First of all, after people polish the concrete floor, it becomes more beautiful instead of damaged.

Moreover,it is dust-proof, wear-resistant, seepage-proof and dirt-proof.

  • Secondly, The special protective agent for concrete can effectively protect for more than 20 years. For its maintenance, just use animal hair pads for polishing.

Therefore, compared to the stone tile floor, its maintenance is very cheap.

  • Thirdly, the load-bearing capacity of the polished concrete ground is great. Even in heavy industry workshops, polished concrete can be competent. It has a good waterproof function. Therefore, it can isolate most water and oil.

In this way, the use of polished concrete is always at aquaculture farms. It can effectively keep your place clean. Because of its good waterproof function, polished concrete can also be used in wet places such as parking lots.

Dye concrete

The merits of dye concrete not only allow the floor to have better physical properties but also have a beautiful appearance.

The quality of dye concrete is largely related to its construction process.

Therefore, if you want to buy high-quality dye concrete, choose manufacturers that meet the quality standards is better.

Cement concrete

There are many raw materials of cement concrete in China. So, the production cost is low. And the price of cement concrete is also cheap.

Even in extremely cold environments, cement concrete can also maintain its strength and complete appearance.

Silicate concrete

Its advantages are:

  1. utilizing industrial waste and local resources
  2. expanding building materials resources
  3. Saving cement

usage of different types of concrete china

previous concrete

People usually use previous concrete in the following places:

  1. Sidewalks and bicycle paths
  2. Floor decoration in the community
  3. Garden landscape road and city square
  4. Next to the swimming pool and stadium
  5. Community fire exits and lightweight roads
  6. Golf course tramway
  7. Outdoor parking lot

Stamped concrete

Usually, stamped concrete is used in the situations below:

  1. Garden
  2. Entrance
  3. Corridor
  4. Pool deck
  5. To beautify the environment
  6. Parking lot
  7. Resorts

Stencilled concrete

Stencilled concrete is very suitable for the surrounding environment of the garden. In this way, it can enhance the outdoor landscape. And its versatile patterns can add beauty to your living environment.

So, it is suitable for the following places.

  1. Garden
  2. Walkways
  3. Entrance
  4. Pool decks
  5. Driveway
  6. Streetscapes
  7. Landscaping
  8. Parking area

Polished concrete

  • Polished concrete is suitable for commercial floors, such as restaurants, cafes, specialty stores, schools, shopping malls, offices, high-end private garages, etc.
  • Besides, polished concrete is used for home improvement and has a very good dust-proof effect.
  • And, this can improve and maintain a high gloss for a long time. As for the daily cleaning and use, friction will not make the ground rough but will make the ground have a marble-like lustre.

Dye concrete

The virtues of dye concrete make it have a wide range of applications, especially in factory workshops, underground garages and other places.

Cement concrete

Because of its good performance, it can be used to reinforce steel bars. And this is called reinforced concrete.

Silicate concrete

Products made of silicate concrete include blocks, semi-dry bricks, wall panels, etc. It is mainly used as wall material.

Marketing of concrete china

China’s concrete market has shifted towards innovation, automation, intelligence, and service. Meanwhile, green development and green production have formed a consensus among merchants. Therefore, green products occupy a leading position in the concrete China market.

In recent years, the method of urban construction has been continuously updated. Therefore, the performance of concrete products is also improved.

At the same time, concrete products have been widely used, and more functional composite products have been introduced.

Affected by the market, the development environment of concrete China industry has changed rapidly. No matter in terms of market price, production capacity or competition, there have major adjustments.

Fortunately, the concrete industry has transformed from a traditional processing and manufacturing development model to a green and environmental-friendly industrial structure.

Besides, The increase in concrete output is inseparable from the development of real estate and the infrastructure construction industry.

In recent years, due to the development of infrastructure construction,  the demand for concrete has increased year by year. So, it has brought a turning point for the development of the concrete China industry.

More new about manufacturers of concrete China is in link to Chinese concrete manufacturers

china map


In terms of prices, judging from the concrete prices in 2019, the mixed prices in the first quarter of 2020 may show a downward trend.

The main factors are as follows:

  • The first quarter of 2020is during the Spring Festival holiday. So the construction sites all over China are in the period of the holiday. So,  the demand for concrete is not good.
  • Raw material prices are weak in the first quarter. And commercial mixing costs are reduced;

The market demand is not enough. After starting construction, market competition has increased. So, the price of concrete has a downward trend.


Cement is a kind of artificial stone. Its price is much cheaper than natural materials such as marble and bricks. Therefore, cement is widely used in the construction industry. It can be used as floor, wall panel, and decoration. Nowadays, with the rapid development of China’s real estate, concrete China is getting among the best in the world.

Here are 7 types of concrete: They are previous concrete, stamped concrete, stencilled concrete, polished concrete, dye concrete, cement concrete and silicate concrete.

Meanwhile, they are cheap, environmental-friendly, easy to maintain and can improve the shortcomings of old roads.

Usually, they are used to versatile occasions. Such as Sidewalks, Community, Golf course tramway, parking lot, etc.

If this blog helps you out with concrete China, please share with the people who need it.  See you next time!

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