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Guide on concrete commercial flooring


Concrete floors appeared in the 1970s. At that time, concrete commercial flooring quickly became popular in Europe and America.

And, it is a good substitute for the terrazzo floor. In the late 1980s, concrete floors became the first choice for floors in developed countries. With the development of economy and society, people have many ways to decorate the surface of the concrete floor.

Therefore, it can adapt to the requirements of different functions.

Nowadays, people use it as the ground is common.

Let’s take a look at what concrete is most suitable for commercial flooring.

concrete conmmercial flooring

Types of concrete commercial flooring

Cement concrete floor

People first used it in warehouses, factories and other places. And it is now rarely used.

3D epoxy floor

People can apply synthetic resin on the 3D epoxy concrete floor. In addition, people can also make three-dimensional images on the floor.

Because it is not only beautiful but also performs well. Therefore, a 3D epoxy floor is widely used in shopping mall halls, offices, homes, apartments and other places.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about the quality of 3D images that will affect its quality. The 3D epoxy floor has a long service life and has good abrasion resistance.

3D epoxy floor

Metallic epoxy floor

There is metallic paint on the surface of the metallic epoxy floor. Therefore, it has the effect of rainbow and patina. And it looks like dancing. Moreover, its high reflectivity also looks bright.

For example, People can make the appearance of craters, waves or clouds. Therefore, its user experience is very good. Furthermore, the metallic epoxy floor is also very durable and wear-resistant.

Dye concrete floor

Dye concrete is more suitable for older internal concrete slabs. Moreover, it has rich colours.

People can use it in large areas. And if the appearance of floors has no high requirement. It’s a good choice.  At the same time, its bleeding agent is also an environmentally friendly material.

Stencilled concrete floor

The traditional concrete floor was very monotonous. There was no decoration on the surface. Besides,  the surface colour is single.

Nowadays, people added colourful decoration and artistic finish on the traditional concrete surface. This forms a stencilled concrete floor.

In addition, the traditional concrete floor is very monotonous. Therefore, the use range of traditional concrete is very narrow.

But, the appearance of the stencilled concrete floor has changed this situation. So, the scope of application of the concrete floor is also much larger.

When people are doing urban planning, designers can have more designs on the ground.

In addition, there are also much many more options for concrete floor.

Polished concrete floor

In recent years, polished concrete is very popular. Because concrete has many advantages.

  • It has a low cost and is easy to clean. When people need to clean the ground, just rinse it with water.
  • Moreover, polished concrete is very wear-resistant. In crowded places, its surface is hardly damaged. In this way, its wear resistance can maintain the modern and fashionable effect of the
  • In addition, the polished concrete floor is very shiny. This makes people feel clean and comfortable.
  • Compared with wooden floor or marble floor. Polished concretefloor is cheap and can have a similar gloss.
  • Moreover, the concrete floor can also be dyed. And it can be made in various colours.
  • Besides, the life span of polished concrete floors can be as long as one hundred years. During this period, little maintenance is required. In this way, its cost is very low. And it is very convenient for people to use.

Therefore, people will choose the polished concrete floor on many occasions.

Especially there are many activities for children. It is not easy to get dirty, and it is easy to clean.

The basement can also use polished concrete floor to prevent water seepage

In fact, polished concrete floors do not have any dangerous chemical components. Moreover, there will be no mould or anything that causes allergies.

If you want to know more about types of concrete, you can check Types of Concrete on Wikipedia

What type of concrete floor is better for commercial occasions


Commonly, the floor of the office had to present a commercial and clean style. In the past, people would choose marble to show their professionalism and elegance. However, the marble floor is non-slip. Moreover, if the marble floor is damaged, it will be ugly without repair in time. Besides, the cost of maintaining and repairing marble floors is high.

There are also some small offices to choose to use the carpet to cover the floor.

First, the style of carpet floor is very limited, it is difficult to meet other style requirements.

Second, cleaning the carpet floor is troublesome if it is dirty. Moreover, if it is not cleaned up in time, the dirty carpet floor will be ugly. This gives people an unprofessional and unclean feeling. Therefore, for commercial occasions, these effects are very unfavourable.

But concrete floor can solve these problems well.

Conveniently, in the current market. there are many choices for concrete commercial flooring of office. They are metallic epoxy floor, 3D epoxy floor, stencilled floor, dye floor and even polished floor, etc.

office concrete floor

Industrial factory floor

With the development of the Chinese economy, more and more factories have gradually moved to the inland. Meanwhile, rows of factories have emerged. So, how to choose the suitable industrial floor?

Generally speaking, the factory floor needs to have the good bearing capacity and abrasion resistance.

At the same time, some factories need to be clean and dust-free, and even resistant to high temperatures.

Moreover, some food factories also need anti-skip floors.

Besides, the factory floor is not easy to replace. Replacing the floor will seriously affect the work schedule of the factory.

Therefore, choosing a suitable floor for a factory is not an easy task.

A suitable factory floor could avoid a lot of trouble. This is very conducive to the efficiency of the factory.

At the same time, this can also save a lot of cleaning and maintenance costs.

industrial concrete floor


The following problems usually appear on the floor of factories:

  1. Cement concrete floor: The floor is influenced by long-term effects of factory machinery and equipment. So, it will have varying degrees of sand-finding and dusting. Moreover,the floor surface will be pulverized, dusted and sand And then, it will be loose, grooves, cracks and pits.
  2. Gold steel sand wear-resistant floor: It will have similar problems as cement concrete floor. Moreover, the main problem is fading.
  3. Epoxy floor: The common problems of the epoxy floor are: peeling, blistering, scratches, delamination, etc. In addition, the epoxy floordoes not have the required hardness, is not wear-resistant, and is not durable. The more serious situation is: factories have not done a good job of waterproofing. This can cause blistering and delamination of the floor.
  4. PVC floor: If the PVC floor is not firmly bonded, itcould have delamination. If its material is not good, the floor will crack. As it is a plastic composite material, PVC floor is not wear-resistant.
  5. Floor tiles and marble floors: Although floor tiles and marble floors rarely have the above problems. But it is fragile and slippery. And it is not easy to

Therefore, current factories generally choose to cure concrete floors.


The curing concrete floor has many advantages:

  1. Good hardness
  2. Good wear resistance
  3. Strong resistance to pressure
  4. High gloss
  5. Easy to clean and maintain
  6. Long useful life

Shopping mall halls and hotels

As we all know, the price of marble is very expensive. And many hotels and large shopping malls generally used marble to pave the floor to show their beauty.

Moreover, the maintenance cost of the marble floor is also high. To maintain the brightness of the marble floor. Shopping malls and hotels usually hire people to regularly maintain and clean the ground.

In addition, in recent years, with the increasing of people’s economic ability and living level, people prefer a simple and artistic style.

And, an epoxy concrete floor can match the styles well.

Epoxy concrete floor not only can meet various design patterns and styles, but it also has good performance.

Therefore, many shopping malls and hotels now choose it.

As for the price, the epoxy concrete floor is also much cheaper than marble floor. Besides, People can also save a sum of maintenance costs.

shopping mall concrete floor

Commercial pedestrian street

Commercial pedestrian streets can attract people to go out. This can increase consumption and the advantages of business districts. Therefore, the design of commercial streets is very important. Meanwhile, the material selection and design of the ground account for a large part of the design and style of the pedestrian street.

Usually, commercial pedestrian streets will use granite, marble, cobblestone, etc, to pave the floor.

These floors are not only costly but also easily damaged in streets. At the same time, many pedestrian streets use the same floor materials. People go too much and would feel boring.

So, many commercial pedestrian streets will use the polished concrete floor, 3D epoxy floor, stencilled concrete floor, even metallic epoxy floor and 3D epoxy floor.

In this way, it not only can show the theme and style of this pedestrian street but also the floor effect can be maintained for a long time.

Restaurant floors

There are always many people who pass by on the floor of the restaurant.

Moreover, there will be a lot of oil stains or other dirty things.

Therefore, the floor of the restaurant must be wear-resistant, non-slip, and not easy to get dirty. It should be easy to clean even if it is dirty. Besides, some restaurants have unique styles. So their floor needs to be consistent with the style of the restaurant.

In this case, tile, epoxy, or rubber floors are difficult to meet these requirements.

Meanwhile, a concrete floor can meet these requirements.

Concrete floors require no maintenance and are easy to clean.

And, in addition to its anti-skid properties, people can also use additives to increase its anti-skid properties. Or people can create texture on the concrete floor to prevent slippage.

Usually, polished concrete is a good choice for the restaurant floor, especially for the kitchen of restaurants.

Moreover, the polished concrete floor is non-porous. Its material is food grade. So this also meets the hygiene standards of the restaurant.

For better cases, the polished concrete floor will not mould or breed bacteria.

As we all know, the kitchen of a restaurant emits a lot of heat every day. And the concrete floor can also resist heat very well.

restaurant concrete floor

Entertainment places

In many entertainment places such as KTV, various kinds of bars.

They all have their unique styles.

And it is easy to have a lot of stains such as alcohol and oil.

These stains usually make the floor slippery.

Therefore, they can neither use slippery marble floors nor expensive carpets nor can they use traditional cement concrete floors with single surface colour and design.

Therefore, the concrete floor is a good choice for them. People can design various floors according to the style.

If it is an ordinary place, you can use a polished concrete floor, dye concrete floor, or stencilled concrete floor.

If it is a high-end place, you can choose metallic epoxy floors and even 3D epoxy floors.

They will all make your place look clean unique and elegant.

Moreover, the concrete floors are easy to clean. Even with food stains, the concrete floor will not breed mould. Therefore, they are very hygienic.

In addition, many people come and go in entertainment places. So, the abrasion resistance of the concrete floor is well adapted to this situation.


The benefits are as follows:

  1. First of all: if the concrete is used for commercial floors, people can design various patterns and textures. In this way, the style requirements of various commercial occasions are met. Moreover, this not only increases the aesthetics but also displays the business content well.
  2. Second: concrete commercial flooring has good anti-slip property. In this way, it avoids the embarrassment of slipping, especially for women in commercial establishments wear high heels. Therefore, anti-skid performance is still very important for commercial occasions.
  3. Third: The concrete floor is not easy to get dirty. And even if it is dirty, it is easy to clean. Therefore, your place with concrete commercial flooring can always be clean.
  4. Fourth: In terms of price, it is much cheaper than other flooring materials.


Because of the outstanding performance of the concrete industry, many places choose to use concrete floors. Commercial places are no exception.

There are 6 kinds of concrete commercial flooring. They are cement concrete floor, 3D epoxy floor, metallic epoxy floor, dye concrete floor, stencilled concrete floor and polished concrete floor.

Among them, Polished concrete floor and stencilled concrete floor are widely used by most of the commercial places. And for high-end places, people would choose metallic epoxy floor and 3D epoxy floor. For common places with not high requirements for their appearance, people always choose dye concrete floor. As for cement concrete floor, it is rare to use in commercial places now.

The advantages of concrete commercial flooring are obvious. They are easy to maintain and clean. And they have excellent physical properties. Moreover, they are much cheaper than other flooring materials.

So, according to your demands, suitable concrete commercial flooring is a good choice for your places.

commercial concrete floor

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