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Outdoor Floor Series – High Friction Surfacing

What is High Friction Surfacing?

High Friction Surfacing is a process onto the asphalt or concrete road surface through a special resin adhesive(two-component materials) with wear-resistant ceramic particles on the road surface, so as to form an anti-skid colour road surface, it is a kind of traffic road pavement widely used all over the world.

Color Ceramic Particles is a new type of green materials, it is made by kaolin, feldspar, quartz and clay as main raw material, and together inorganic high-temperature colour agent with high-temperature calcination process. Then it is turned out as irregular granular, non-toxic, pollution-free, all full-body particles. It can be used for a long time without fading. There are so many colours to choose from, like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, brown, white, etc.

Color Ceramic Particles is made by calcination at high temperature. The hardness of it is 5-10 times higher than other colour road surface series. Besides, it avoids the embarrassment of outcrop colour caused by aggregate wear during surface usage. Different Ceramic Particle can be selected according to different usage functions, which can withstand 60tons weight in the high-speed express. The service life can reach 5 to 10 years generally (according to traffic flow and environment condition).

In recent years, with a good performance of two-component materials, they have gradually become the main pavement materials, especially in so many foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia. During laying of High Friction Surfacing, it can be matched with high-performance and wear-resistant aggregate with various colours, it can be formed a good decorative effect as your requirement. High Friction Surfacing System is widely used in a number of national large-scale projects, a large number of roads, bus lanes, ramps anti-skid, landscape pathway, garden, schools, shopping malls, factory and so on.

Where can be used?

It can be applied for regular two surfaces:

1.Concrete (Must make sure the maintenance period is for 28 days)

2.Asphalt (Must make sure the maintenance period is for 2 months)

Mainly Application areas:

A). Tunnel , Curved road surface, Ramp, Toll station, Expressway dangerous area, Urban traffic circle road, Traffic congested section near traffic signs, Crosswalk, Traffic deceleration area, Bicycle way, Bridge, Platform, Aisle.

B). Bus lanes, Parking, The disabled lanes, Stadium steps, Division area , Industrial zones, Airports, Railways, Bus stations, Leisure areas, Beautified areas, etc.    

What should be paid attention to during the construction of High Friction Surfacing?

We mainly summarize as following four parts:

 3.1 Environmental requirements

A). The best construction temperature is 5-35℃, we must try to avoid construction below zero or above 40 degrees;

B). The base surface temperature is no lower than 0℃ or higher than 45℃.

C). Night construction can be arranged in summer and staggered rush hour;The pavement with too wide width should be segmented construction (3 meters or so is advisable).

D). Construction should be stopped in foggy and rainy days, and the humidity is high than 75% ,then we need to stop construction.

3.2 Substrate requirements

A). Pavement maintenance (Concrete maintenance period is 28 days, Asphalt maintenance period is two months)

B). Pavement flatness (the crack of Concrete, the roughness of Asphalt)

C). Treatment of Concrete grooves and expansion joints;

3.3 Material requirements

3.3.1 Two-component Adhesive:

  1. A. Curing time: complete coagulation within2-4 hours;
  2. B.Toughness of materials: the combination of elasticity and rigidity, elongation is more than 35% at 23℃;
  3. C.Strength & Adhesion: it needs a certain strength to ensure the adhesion between the material and ceramic particles;
  4. D.Weather resistance: it is a good choice to make white ceramic particles to test its anti-yellow function.E

E. Viscosity of material: the appropriate viscosity can enhance the viscosity between the resin material and ceramic particles


3.3.2 Ceramic Particles

A).Anti-skid (normal, medium and high anti-skid)

B).Hardness (Mohs hardness greater than or equal to 6)

C).Bright and long-lasting colour (related to the temperature of calcination)

D).Selection of particle size (according to the requirements of road thickness)

E).Polar matching of particles (thickness requirements)

What’s the of features of High Friction Surfacing?

Reduce traffic accidents (anti-skid)

High Friction Surfacing system is a road surface layer with greater structural depth and stronger friction coefficient formed by bonding 3-5mm thick and high-polished colored aggregate on the existing road surface, which greatly increases the friction coefficient of the road surface so that the road surface has a good anti-skid performance.

Traffic warning

The most important traffic concept in modern traffic control is to let the vehicle go its own way.Any bright and bright colors can be obtained through the aggregate processed with various colors. Traffic management departments can mark various special lanes and signs according to their needs, and can alleviate driving fatigue, improve drivers’ attention and reduce traffic accidents through color contrast.

Beautify the environment

High Friction Surfacing is no only in improving the performance and function of the road, but also use its bright colours to design a variety of patterns to beautify our environment. Success Crete provides a variety of colours to choose from, which colour is durable and long-lasting. This scheme provides a new means for the beautification of urban roads, bridges, parking lots, large communities and other areas.

D).Fast construction

It just needs a short time and small scope of road closure to quickly and convenient construction. With its thin thickness and lightweight, which it will not reduce the tunnel clearance height and does not increase the bridge load.

Comparison of Between “Concrete and Asphalt” and “High Friction Surfacing”

PerformanceSuccess Crete High Friction SurfacingConcrete & Asphalt
Skid resistanceGreatly improve the anti-skid performance of the groundCan’t effectively improve the anti-skid performance of the ground
Maintenance performanceEasy to maintenanceHard to maintenance
Degree of construction difficultyEasy to constructionNeed to rely on mechanical construction, complex operation
Stain resistanceGood anti-pollution effectNo anti-pollution effect
Noise-reduction performanceEffective noise reductionPoor noise reduction performance
Decorative performanceColorful, decorative and can beautify the environmentSingle color, no decorative properties
Construction area requirementCan be construction in any areasOnly large area construction
Construction temperature requirementLow temperature resistance performance is good, is good to the cold areasMust work above 5 degrees
Ground protectionReduce car marks and cracksNo protection
Scope of applicationSuitable for all types of groundCan only be used in a large area of roads


Success Crete High Friction Surfacing System is a green and environmentally friendly materials. It has better performances than hot melt coating, with a function of easy to apply, anti-spalling, anti-cracking. It can be used for uneven texture road surface and plane road surface. After adjusting the material design scheme, it can also be used for colour coating into the concrete road surface.

High Friction Surfacing can solve the grey, monotonous and other shortcomings of traditional roads over these years, and also makes up the difficulties of Color Asphalt construction technology and anti-skid and other problems. It has a good heat insulation effect, which effectively restrains the increasingly serious heat island climate in today’s cities, and will certainly set off a new trend of colour pavement.

Therefore, the importance of colourful surfacing is obvious: paving different coloured roads is better than vertical traffic signs, which can give a signal to the driver directly. For example, in traffic accident-prone areas, red or yellow roads can be paved to visually remind drivers to drive with caution. In the road through the primary and secondary schools is good to pave the red iron road, so that the vehicles slow down and avoid the occurrence of danger.It is good to set up colour anti-skid deceleration belt in the expressway, ramp, tunnel entrance and exit for anti-skid deceleration, and it can be also used different ceramic particle, which makes it fresh and eye-catching, enhance the safety of driving.It can stimulate the driver’s brain, relieve driving fatigue, maintain good mood and reduce the hidden danger of accidents.

So we highly recommend the High Friction Surfacing to your side, we not only just sell materials and particle, but also teach you how to work it out as art job.

High Friction Surfacing

“SuccessCrete” High Friction Surfacing is a high friction surface treatment (HFST) which is a thin overlay applied to asphalt and/or concrete roads and highways to improve surface friction and resulting in decreased braking distances and threshold impact speeds in emergency situations.

Available in both modified epoxy or polyurethane formulated options, it is specifically designed to provide a unique depth and performance balancing continued colour retention and skid resistance for the design life of the product. Upon curing the HFS system is resistant to all road contaminants including oil, petrol and de-icing salts with excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

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