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Outdoors Floor Series – Porous Asphalt

What is Cold Applied Porous Asphalt ?

Success Crete Color Cold Applied Porous Asphalt, also known as Modified Resin Copolymer Color Adhesive, its main components are for polymer materials of modified decolourized asphalt synthetic resin, additives, curing agent. It is about in low mixing viscosity, long service life and moderate curing speed under medium and low temperature.

The cured product has high mechanical strength, good adhesion, small shrinkage and great weather resistance. It can be freely matched with different colours of Cold Applied Porous Asphalt to form decorative colours and patterns. It has the advantages of elegant decorative texture, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, chemical resistance, skid resistance, water permeability and so on.

Success Crete Color Cold Applied Porous Asphalt surface system is a kind of cold-applied modified asphalt mixture, which can be quickly applied and efficient construction scheme. Its void structure of coarse aggregate is adopted in this system, and the void rate can reach more than 12%. The forming thickness is generally 3 – 10cm, which is generally used as the new colour pervious surface layer for new roads, or as the overlay of colour porous asphalt surface layer on the original road surface. As a new type of green pavement material, the system has the advantages of economy, environmental protection, beauty and convenience.


Where can be used?

Porous Asphalt on Success Crete
  • Bicycle path
  • Pedestrian
  • No-motorized path
Porous Asphalt_2
  • Parking Lot
  • Garden
  • Patio
Porous Asphalt 060401
  • Outdoor sport areas
  • Residential district

What we need to pay attention during process?

2.1 There are simple? steps for process:

1). Mixed with Part A and Part B thoroughly,

2). Pour aggregate into the mixer, then pour Part A and B mixture into the mixer and stir for 2  minutes.

3). Using transport tools to transfer the ready materials to the on-site.

4).Level the surface in good condition.

5). Locked down the on-site, cover and protect the finished area.

6). Reopen the area after 24 hours in summer, and after 48 hours in winter.


2.2 We need to confirm all materials(Mixer & Stone) and on-site is under dry condition, otherwise it can cause to fail.

Here are some key points you need to pay more attention :

1). Water and resin can’t mix together

2). Ensure Part A and B are mixed in dry conditions

3). The mixer must keep dry

4). Make sure the substrate is in dry condition

5). Part A and B can’t be mixed more than 2 minutes

6). The ready materials to the on-site distance can’t be too far away, because the ready materials will be freeze after 20 minutes.

What’s the features of Porous Asphalt?

# Great performance

Using the latest cold-applied porous asphalt technology and a modified binder, the open aggregate structure allows surface water to runoff drainage and maintains a long term durability with SuDS applications

# Permeability

Its porous structure can provide a high level of infiltration and cleansing, capturing a high level of urban pollutants.

porous asphalt walkway on Success Crete
Driveways by porous asphalt on Success Crete

# Fast installation

It doesn’t need any large-scale mechanical types of equipment, so it is quick to install and cost-effective,even avoid traffic jam issues.

# Outstanding drainage performance 

Our Porous Asphalt reaches a hydraulic conductivity rating at 4000mm/hr, which is far exceeding the regular data of 200mm/hr.

# Good noise reduction effect

Its structure has the effect of conducting audio frequency, and the noise can be reduced by 3~4 dB when used.

# Aesthetic pleasing

Color Porous Asphalt effectively enhances brightness and greatly improves surface appearance and beautifies the environment,which offer us a harmonious living surroundings


4.What’s the difference between “Pervious Concrete”, “Resin Bound Stone”,” Hot Applied Asphalt” and “Cold Applied Porous Asphalt”

 # 4.1 Mainly difference between Previous Concrete and Porous Asphalt

  1. Construction tools:

   Pervious Concrete need large-scale mechanical equipment, but Porous Asphalt doesn’t need.

  1. Curing method:

   Pervious Concrete needs extra 7 days to water curing after applied,but Porous Asphalt doesn’t

any extra curing, and can work after 24~48 hours.

  1. Strength resistance

   Pervious Concrete has less strength than Porous Asphalt.


# 4.2 Mainly difference between Resin Bound Stone and Porous Asphalt

1).Raw materials

  Resin Bound Stone is made by resin and porous asphalt is made by decolourized asphalt synthetic resin

2).Strength resistance

  Resin Bound Stone has less strength than Porous Asphalt.

# 4.3 Mainly the difference between Cold and Hot-Applied Asphalt

Because of asphalt’s practical and aesthetic, coloured asphalt is widely used. Now there are two types of coloured asphalt on the market, one is hot-applied Asphalt, and the other is Cold-applied  Asphalt material. The two kinds of materials have their own characteristics and advantages. Hot-applied Asphalt needs to be heated and stirred at high temperature. The mixing temperature of aggregate and asphalt is 160-175 degrees. In order to maintain good construction effect, the construction temperature should not be lower than 110 degrees. Compared with Hot-applied Asphalt, cold-applied Asphalt construction is much simpler, no subject to the season, weather, temperature restrictions, and can be used at regular temperature, the construction process is simple, can be used as needed according to the actual situation, reduce the waste of resources, and cold filling asphalt pavement is not easy to appear temperature shrinkage cracks.

What’s else of Porous Asphalt?

Cold Applied Porous Asphalt has persistent adhesive, which like a breathable material can effectively resist damp and hot environment alternately road surface deformation. Its surface is smooth and non-slip, wearing resistant, and can improve the safety of traffic and pedestrians. As a newly breathable type of sponge city material, with air permeable, great compressive strength, high permeable coefficient, so it not only beautify the road with colourful combination plan but also eliminating Hot Applied Asphalt weakness as depending on the hot source and complicated construction conditions, which made its construction is efficient.

Sponge city actually means that a city, like a sponge, has good “elasticity” in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters. It can absorb water, store water, seeping water and purify water when it rains, and “release” the stored water when it is needed.

Cold Applied Color Porous Asphalt is a new material for environmental protection permeable asphalt pavement and also a new environmental protection material in sponge city construction.

Porous Asphalt

“SuccessCrete” Cold Applied Porous Asphalt is a newly high-tech pavement material. It is a durable, weather-resistant coloured asphalt mixture with using a high-performance polymer formulated and natural coarse. It is suitable for landscaping paving and bus lane, bicycle path as well as driveway paving with paving thickness of 10-15mm, which provides a surface water runoff to infiltrate across its entire its surface into the granular layers.

Porous Asphalt helps to eliminate the problem of surface water and can also help meet local planning requirements.

Coloured Porous Asphalt options are available in our colour range.

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