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All about Resin Bound Stone

Success Crete Resin Bound Stone is made of natural aggregate mixed with adhesive, its original material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, economical.

Resin Bound Stone surfacing is based on a blend of natural aggregates structure. Application is by hand or power trowel to create a permeable and anti-skid is a new generation of natural stone paver substitute and a breathable pavement. The birth of its technology not only improves the quality of products but also makes the natural colour can be renewed for a long time.

 Success Crete Resin Bound Stone is the resin-based paving for pedestrian areas and lightly trafficked ways, especially for metropolitan and external or internal public spaces.

What materials of Resin Bound Stone are included:

 #1 Two-Component Modified Resin Adhesive

  (Part A: Modified Resin)

  (Part B: Curing Agent)

#2 .Natural Stone(Pebble, Colored Stones).

Success Crete Resin Bound Stone provides a hard-wearing surface that is UV stable, oil resistant and resistant to cracking. Its resilience to wear and damage make it an ideal alternative to asphalt or concrete.

Resin Bound Stone is incredibly adaptable for many spaces. There are endless colour options and the variable levels of slip resistance, which make it perfect for creating both attractive and safe public spaces. Its range is very versatile, as different aggregates are mixed with a resin and troweled over a prepared base, which is allowed to any shapes, even DIY logos.

Meet with the requirement of Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), it is a full resin aggregate pavement that creates a highly durable and porous surface that allows water to go directly into the ground.

Application areas including:

Success Crete Resin Bond Stone can be installed much faster than other paving (like Pervious Concrete, Stamped Concrete), and it can be also ready for pedestrian traffic in 6 hours of installation and 18 hours for vehicular traffic. 

It can be applied 3 common base structures as following:

Asphalt is the ideal base, and it can be fit for all types of traffic, and help to prevent tracking caused by movement. So applied to the existing asphalt surfaces is good for suitability.

Concrete is fit for all types of the pavement due to its properties but freshly concrete should be allowed to apply at least 7 days curing before application of the Resin Bound Stone finish.

Compacted Crushed Rock Substructure for pedestrian and light traffic on to a well-compacted base can also be used. And Resin Bound Stone finish should be applied at a minimum depth of 6mm.

Unsuitable application areas

Resin Bound Stone should not be laid over any of these(Block paving, crazy paving or concrete slabs). There will be movement in these types of surface that will potentially cause the Resin Bound Stone surfacing to prematurely crack. 

Resin Bound Stone can’t be laid straight over expansion joints of the concrete. If there is any movement of the concrete sections, this will cause the linked cracking in the new Resin Bound Stone surfacing. In order to install the Resin Bound Stone to the concrete, we will use an aluminium and rubber expansion bead above the concrete expansion joint. This allows movement of the concrete sections, without cracking in the Resin Bound Stone surfacing.

What we need to do before construction:

Before applying, we need to confirm all materials(Mixer & Stone) is under dry condition, otherwise, it can cause to fail. Here are some key points you need to pay more attention :

  1. 1. Water and resin do not mix together
  2. 2. Ensure resin and curing agent are mixed in dry conditions
  3. 3. The mixer can’t wash with water before applying,and it must keep dry
  4. 4. Make sure all stone is in dry condition

What we should do before it looks like rain, here are some steps you may take:

  1. 1.Over the site with raising a good quality gazebo (or cover with big size film)
  2. 2. Make sure all stone is covered with tarpaulin
  3. 3.Ensure the mixer is kept underneath the gazebo

Tip: Get a good, reliable weather app and plan ahead around the weather.

Features about Resin Bound Stone

 1.High Permeability

After mixed with colored aggregate, the holes are evenly distributed.Imported modified resin adhesive preserves 20% pores between aggregate, which can make the permeation speed reach 31-52 l/m/h. And it is far higher than the discharge speed of the most rainfall under the excellent drainage configuration.

2.Easy Maintenance

Resin Bound Stone system can solve the problem of pore blockage simply by high-pressure water washing.

3. Durability

Imported modified resin adhesive can overcome the poor weather resistance and yellow resistance features from ordinary epoxy resin, with strong adhesion and flexibility.It can avoid the disadvantages such as short service life and uneconomical of the permeable bricks.

4. Environment Friendly

The raw materials of imported modified resin are non-toxic, high purity product. Then it can form a stable permeable system, so water can be replenished and keep the ecological balance.

5. Aesthetic pleasing 

You can no only choose different colours, texture and particle size of aggregate, but also the design on the drawing can be completely displayed on the ground. So the decorative style can achieve different environments requirement and personalities.

Resin Bound Stone vs Resin Bonded Stone

These two surfacing options combine natural aggregates with resin, then laid over the top of an existing substrate(Like Asphalt, Concrete, Compacted Crushed Rock).

The main difference between Resin Bound Stone and Resin Bonded Stone can be simply checked that one is permeable, and the other is not.

Bound: Aggregate is mixed with resin and curing agent in a high power mixer, then handy troweled into the site, which can produce a surface that is anti-skid and porous.

Bonded: A layer of resin is laid onto a surface, then a fine aggregate is applied over the top and rolled in. That will produce a rough non-permeable surface.

So Resin Bound Stone perform better porous function than Resin Bonded Stone, which can allows water to go directly into ground and better environmental compliance.

Conclusion of Resin Bound Stone

Resin Bound Stone is made of natural coloured stone and high-weather resistant modified resin. It is a novel paving material for artistic landscape.

We can no only choose aggregate with different colours, textures and size, but also your desired design on the drawing, which can be completely displayed on the ground. So it can meet different requirement of environment and individual character.

For fading issue, the stone is a natural colour and the resin adhesive is transparent, so there is no colour fading problem at all. Resin Bound Stone has ecological, permeable, breathable and better anti-skid functions, and is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-radiation and non-environmental pollution ecological paving materials.

The main difference between Resin Bound Stone and Pervious Concrete is the difference in the selection of aggregate. It has a more decorative effect than Pervious Concrete and is a rare green material for shaping the ecological landscape.

Success Crete specializes in producing the ecological permeable materials(Like Pervious Concrete,Resin Bound Stone, Porous Asphalt), and offer professional construction services.

Resin Bound Stone is suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and is perfect for tree surrounds, driveways, pathways, car parks, pool surrounds and decorative areas. This paving is many times more flexible than concrete, and more eco-friendly strong, permeable, UV stable and bound securely so there’s no loose gravel.

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