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Microcement concrete Floor vs Polished Concrete


An industrial concrete floor is often a popular choice for modern interior design enthusiasts.

The stark beauty and coolness of the material are captivating, as well its durability makes it an excellent option when trying to apply this style in homes or offices alike.

When to choose a polished Microcement concrete floor and when to choose a micro-cement floor? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two solutions?

In this blog, we will try to answer these questions and help you to have a clear understanding of the product.

The blog will include the following content:

  1. Microcement floor vs polished concrete floor -what to choose?
  2. The Characteristics of polished concrete
  3. The Characteristics of microcement concrete?
  4. Key advantages of Microcement
  5. Where can Microcement be applied?

microcement1. Microcement floor vs polished concrete floor -what to choose?

In general, if you have a large open space such as the ground floor of your detached house – hall and living room with the kitchen then polished concrete would look good.

Because small imperfections or worse polished corners are not so visible.

However, in the case of smaller areas, a micro-cement concrete floor would be a better solution.

2. The Characteristics of polished concrete

-What is polished concrete?

Polished concrete is a type of microcement concrete floor.

It’s made by applying a microcement superficial layer to an existing floor or substrate and then polishing it to create a smooth, hard-wearing surface.

–What are its benefits?


  • It’s also extremely durable, meaning it can withstand heavy foot traffic and the occasional spill.


  • Microcement concrete floor Another advantage of polished concrete is that it’s eco-friendly.


  • Unlike carpet or hardwood floors, which off-gas harmful chemicals, polished concrete is non-toxic and doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Microcement concrete3. The Characteristics of microcement concrete?

Microcement, also known as micro-grout, micro concrete, or micro-topping, is a cement and polymer-based coating applied in thin layers to floors, walls, and in some cases joinery in residential and commercial environments to create a concrete appearance.

Imagine a world where concrete is not just used for roadways and buildings.

If you’re an architect, interior designer, or builder who wants to create more naturalistic designs with earthy tones of browns, tans grays, etc., then Microcement could be the perfect ingredient!

 What are its benefits?

  1. Microcement is an amazing material that creates a seamless surface finish. It can be applied by hand or with machines, and it has the look of polished concrete!
  2. Because it is smoothed by hand on-site, your floor will get a truly unique texture that will not be exactly replicated anywhere else.
  3. Microcement is the perfect floor finish for anyone looking for an alternative to wood or tile flooring.
  4. Microcement is an excellent alternative to wood or tile floors if you’re looking for something with more character but still soft and neutral. It creates a soft, neutral, seamless, modern base layer for you to build your interior design around.
  5. High sliding grade
  6. Can be used for underfloor heating
  7. The high-quality sealant can be used internally and externally for residential or commercial building applications.
  8. The ground beneath your feet will be warmer than the cold concrete.
  9. Easy to maintain


Microcement concrete floor4. Key advantages of Microcement

What is the difference between a micro-cement and a polished concrete floor?

The natural variation in concrete can make it difficult to achieve a consistent color. However, this drawback is easily overcome by using microcement which allows for controlled textures and hues that closely mimic those found on stone finishes.

Microciment also has better durability than polished concrete.

A question we are frequently asked is what are the benefits of microcement over polished concrete?

From our experience, these are some of the key advantages;

-More Colour & Finish

-The microcement finish gives you much more control over your color and aesthetics compared to a polished concrete surface. You can adjust the tone, texture, or any other factors that make up an aesthetically pleasing product with it!

-Low Applied Thickness

-The products can be applied from only 2-3mm in depth (exclusive of any preparation needs), which is much less than that for polished concrete floors usually at least 100 mm.

-Multiple Applications

-Micro cement is a great material for multiple uses and applications.

The application process makes them versatile, so you can apply the product on walls or floors in both residential homes and businesses.

-The use of fluid leveling products has allowed us to create a polished concrete floor where there was never before one.

Heavy machinery and diamond grinding tools are not necessary.

-Less Heavy / Noisy Machinery

The application of these products in areas where a traditional polished concrete floor would not have been possible previously is generally possible.

Heavy machinery isn’t required, so it can make your life easier!

-Fast Drying Time

-A floor that is quick to install and requires less time for finishing than polished concrete, micro-cement offers the perfect solution if you’re in a hurry.

The application process only takes 4-5 days (which may vary depending on size) compared to 14+.

-Installation Agility

-Microcement installations can be undertaken towards the end of a project, which reduces risk due to third parties or other trades.

For example, installation could take place after kitchen work has been completed and before any flooring is laid down in that space.

-Less Imperfection

The installation process for micro cement is less fragile than that of polished concrete.

In general, new substrates should be installed correctly and cured before adding the glue which will result in fewer cracks over time as it sets properly with no air pockets between its particles.

If you’re looking to install some new microcement concrete flooring then I recommend checking out Successcrete since they can help keep things stable during construction.

-Mounting possibilities

Choose microcements to install new flooring over existing surfaces.

They can be retrofitted to work with many different kinds of floors and won’t necessarily require any major changes or renovations in order to make them fit!

Where can Microcement concrete Floor be applied?

The Microcement is a marvel that can be applied in many different situations and it gives architects, interior designers builders, or homeowners an opportunity to create stunning concrete aesthetics.

Microcement can be used in Residential: kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

  • Kitchen microcement designs

One of the great things about microcement is its versatility. It can be used in both commercial and residential settings, and it offers a wide range of benefits.

In the kitchen, microcement can provide a durable, low-maintenance surface that is easy to clean.

It resists stains and spills, and it can be made in any color or style to match your décor.

In addition, microcement is an excellent insulator, so it can help to keep your kitchen cooler in the summer months.

If you are looking for a unique, stylish way to update your kitchen, microcement may be the perfect option.

  • Bathroom

Microcement is a type of concrete that is made up of very fine materials.

It is usually mixed with water and then applied to surfaces in a thin layer.

Once it dries, microcement becomes very hard and durable.

This makes it an ideal material for use in bathrooms, where it can withstand high levels of wear and tear. Microcement is also very versatile when it comes to design.

It can be dyed to create different colors and patterns, or it can be left in its natural gray color.

Plus, microcement can be used to create smooth, sleek surfaces or textured finishes.

As a result, it is one of the most popular materials used in bathroom design today.

  • Dining room

It can be used to create smooth, sleek surfaces with a matte finish. This makes it an excellent choice for dining room floors.

Microcement is easy to clean and maintain, and it can resist staining and scratching.

Plus, it’s available in a wide range of colors and can be customized to match any décor.

I know you’re looking for a stylish, low-maintenance flooring option for your dining room, microcement would be a perfect choice.

  • Stairs

Microcement is a versatile material that can even be used on stairs.

The applicator’s job becomes more complicated when using Successcrete Microcement, but with clever design and ingenuity, anyone could create spectacular micro-scale models of their favorite building materials!


Microcement concrete Microcement FAQ

  1. Is Microcement good for floors?


It can be used as exterior flooring and interior surfaces, providing you with its many qualities such as water resistance or anti-slip properties that make them perfect to use on kitchen floors (especially)or bathroom tiles respectively!

  1. Does the Microcement floor crack?

Microcement is a highly durable material that does not crack, unlike other coatings.

  1. How long does Microcement last?

6 months.

The shelf life of microcement is 6 months (products stored in a closed package).

  1. Is the Microcement floor expensive?

As a premium choice for floors, walls, and bathrooms, microcement will naturally cost more than other options available.

This is the nature of choices in life. If you are budget-driven, then there will be other materials options that may be more suited to your project.

  1. Is Microcement cheaper than tiling?

Cost: Microcement is cheaper than tiles because it can be applied directly over existing surfaces. This means that you don’t need to remove your old flooring or wall coverings, which can save on labor and disposal costs.

  1. Why is Microcement so expensive?

The more complex the work, the higher the price of microcement will be.

The more complicated and difficult the work to be carried out, the more expensive the price of microcement will be as more hours of work will be required to carry out the renovation.

  1. Can Microcement get wet?

It is a natural material, extremely durable, and resistant to both moisture and high temperatures.

It is worth using for the bathroom because it is a raw material that does not absorb water.

We can finish walls and shower floors without hesitation thanks to waterproof properties.

  1. How do you clean a Microcement floor?

The cleaning of microcement is simple – water and neutral soap are more than enough.

Despite microcement’s resistance to chemicals, it is important to clean it with neutral soap, avoiding any aggressive or descaling products.

  1. Can you apply Microcement yourself?


The equipment and materials to make Microcement walls can be easily assembled at DIY stores and construction equipment rental companies. To learn more click here.

  1. Can you walk on Microcement?

It has a pleasant temperature so you will not feel cold when your bare feet come into contact with the floor. It has no joints and is completely smooth, making microcement flooring not only pleasant to the touch but also safe. There is no chance of injury.



Micro cement is a type of concrete that is made with very fine aggregate.

It can be used to create a smooth, seamless finish on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

While micro cement is not typically available at most home improvement stores, there are a number of online retailers that sell it.

When choosing a micro cement product, selecting one that is durable and easy to apply is important.

In addition, be sure to read the instructions carefully before beginning the project.

With a little patience and effort, micro cement can add a unique touch to any home.

You can learn more about this versatile material here!

We’re happy to discuss your project and how we might be able to help you achieve successcrete with micro cement installation too – give us a call or send an email today!

Microcement concrete floor

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