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Outdoor concrete table & other concrete products


Now we can see concrete products everywhere. Like some outdoor concrete table and chairs with a high sense of design; the brick-like pavement in the city;the wood-textured tables and chairs in the park;and the running track of the sports field. So, the application of outdoor concrete is extensive. But, do you know what types are they? And why do people choose outdoor concrete products today? Let’s figure it out together.

outdoor concrete table

What is an outdoor concrete

In the changing outdoor environment, the products need many good properties. For example, compressive resistance, flexural resistance, impermeability, elastic deformation, shrinkage, expansion, or seawater erosion, abrasion resistance, dry shrinkage, split tensile resistance, etc.

As for outdoor concrete, is a mixture of cement, water, sand and stone. And it is used in outdoor environments. For example outdoor steps, ramps, etc.

Moreover, outdoor concrete is strong and durable. And it has good plasticity.

Besides, people can design it into various colours, and styles. Therefore, people use concrete extensively outdoors.

So, what kinds of outdoor concrete are there?

Resin Bound Stone Driveway

Types of outdoor concrete

Pervious concrete

Pervious concrete is a porous lightweight concrete. And it is breathable, water permeable, and lightweight. Besides, people can make it in various colours.

With these advantages, it solves many problems. For example, there are to much water on the road after rain. And there are ecological and environmental protection problems caused by the decline of groundwater level in urban water.

Stamped concrete

People colour, harden, and stamp on the unhardened concrete so that to make stamped concrete.

It not only has high strength and good wear resistance but also has an excellent artistic effect. Therefore, it is widely used in outdoor ground decoration, wall decoration of buildings, and garden construction. Even some commercial and cultural places prefer to use stamped concrete.

Besides, there are no toxic ingredients in its materials. So it is very environmentally friendly.

Stencilled concrete

Stencilled concrete is a coloured concrete decorative surface. People can produce extraordinary stone textures and colours through paper moulds and compression moulds.

It has a long service life. And it is easy to repair, wear-resistant and durable.

As we all know, the traditional marble and coloured bricks are expensive, not durable, and often loose. So, they require a lot of maintenance. Therefore, people now use stencilled concrete instead of these. In this way, people can make the same appearance. And we can have the advantages of outdoor concrete: durable, wear-resistant and cheap price. Therefore, stencilled concrete is widely used in roads, walls and gardens.

Usage of outdoor concrete

concrete tables and chairs

Generally, people use fair-faced concrete to make outdoor concrete table and chairs.

After pouring the concrete, there is no longer any painting, tiling, stone and other materials. This is called fair-faced concrete. However, because people are afraid of rainwater will saturate or deteriorate them, they often spray a waterproof protective film on it.

And fair-faced concrete has a highly decorative effect

Unformed concrete has fluidity and plasticity. So people using it can make outdoor concrete table and chairs with various shapes and colours. Moreover, it not only can be smooth lines but also has a solid and durable strength. Meanwhile, it meets the style and design requirements for various occasions. As its plasticity, it can also bring more inspiration for designers. Therefore, fair-faced concrete has been widely used to make outdoor concrete table and chairs. For example, some gardens and parks also have wood grain concrete tables and chairs.

In this way, people can not only save costs but also avoid the problem of easily damaged wooden tables and chairs. Moreover, the material cost of outdoor concrete table and chairs is much lower than other materials.

Besides the outdoor concrete table and chairs, there are many things made of concrete.

concrete stairs

Generally, people use reinforced concrete to make stairs.

People add reinforced mesh, steel plate or fibre into concrete so that to make reinforced concrete. Now in China, the application of reinforced concrete in concrete is the most. Meanwhile, China uses the most reinforced concrete in the world.

Types of concrete stairs

Commonly, stairs have three parts: stair section, stair landing, and platform beam.

  1. A type of concrete stair is cast-in-place concrete. It is made of three parts into one on-site. So, it has good integrity and strong shock resistance. According to the different structure, it is divided into two types: slab stairs and beam stairs.
  1. Slab stairs: It has an inclined slab. The wall supports the platform beams. And the platform beams support its two ends.
  2. Beam-type stairs: There are inclined beams on both sides of the stair section. And the inclined beams are on the platform beams.
  1. Another one is also a prefabricated concrete staircase. The prefabricated stair components are large, medium and small.
  1. First,the large one is to prefabricate the entire stairs and platform into one.
  2. Second,the medium one is to prefabricate the stairs and the platform into one. This is the type wildly used.
  3. Third,the small one is to prefabricate the inclined beams, steps, platform beams and slabs of the stairs. And people make them into a whole by welding, anchors, bolts, pins, etc.


Reinforced concrete stair steps have many advantages:

  1. easy to walk on
  2. wear-resistant
  3. non-slip
  4. easy to clean
outdoor concrete stairs

Concrete wall

Wall panel

The reinforced concrete components made in prefabricated factories or on construction sites,are called wall panels. It is used for building assembly.


According to the function of use, people divide it into two categories:

  1. interior wall panel
  2. exterior wall panel

As for the Inner wall panels. There are three types:

  1. Horizontal wall panels.
  2. Vertical wall panels
  3. Partition wall panels

They all have functions of sound insulation and fire protection.

And for exterior wall panels, there are also three types:

  1. front exterior wall panel: It is a self-supporting wall panel.
  2. gable panel: It is a load-bearing wall panel.
  3. eaves panel: It is also a load-bearing wall panel.

Meanwhile, they all have many functions. Such as sound insulation, heat insulation, and heat preservation. Moreover, it can decorate buildings.


Using concrete wall panels can improve the degree of mechanization. So people can save on-site labour, overcome seasonal effects, and shorten the construction period.

Wall finish

Most of the houses we buy now are rough houses. And they are almost all untreated concrete walls. If we paste the wallpaper directly, the wallpaper will easily fall off. And if we paint the concrete wall directly, it will cause uneven walls and affect the appearance.

So, many people choose concrete wall finish to decorate their walls. Besides, according to their hobbies and the style of the house, people can not only make the wall into various styles but also can make the patterns on the wall. For example, it can be made into textures such as marble and bricks. You can also engrave some patterns on the wall. This is very artistic.

So, the concrete wall finish is widely used.


The surface of the wall does not need to use other decorative materials. People just spray a thin layer to protect the wall finish.

Besides, the cost of using concrete wall finish is lower. And it is also very environmentally friendly because of the non-toxic materials.

In addition to the advantages above, concrete wall finish also has other merits:

  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • Long service time
  • Stable physical features

However, it also has some shortcomings.

  1. The craftsmanship of the concrete wall is highly demanding.
  2. Meanwhile, not all templates are available for the concrete wall. So,people need to customize the patterns. Therefore, the cost is also very high for walls with high decorative patterns.
concrete wall finish

Concrete outdoor floors

As we all know, the pavement needs to meet the requirements of high strength, and low maintenance.  And some grounds also need a strong sense of design.

Traditionally, people use bricks to make pavements. But the pavement bricks are easy to loosen and break during use. Therefore, they need frequent maintenance. Moreover, they are relatively monotonous in design.

So, people mostly use concrete outdoor floors instead of bricks now.

Usually, people use cement concrete, permeable concrete, embossed concrete, and embossed concrete to make outdoor concrete floors. And people can use them on various occasions.

In the current market, there are many kinds of them. And the structure of the road surface is complicated. So, we briefly introduce the use of several concrete floors below.

Road floor

For highways, urban roads and airport pavements, China prefer to use ordinary concrete. This type of concrete pavement has no steel bars except for the joint areas, edges or corners.

And it has a lot of advantages.

  1. It is not only convenient for construction but also relatively cheap.
  2. Moreover, it prevents cracks on the road surface in winter due to shrinkage and also prevents cracks on the road surface due to swelling in summer.
  3. In places with weak foundations or heavy traffic, people use reinforced concrete pavements. So, the bearing capacity of it can reduce cracks on the road surface.
outdoor concrete floor

City streets

In summer, some cities in China often rain heavily. In this way, there will be serious water accumulation in the city. This led to many problems, such as traffic jams, power outages, flooded houses, etc.

Meanwhile, permeable concrete can drain the road water well, so that the problem of urban water accumulation is largely solved. Moreover, the previous concrete pavement can be colourful. This also makes the city more beautiful.

Therefore, in current urban construction, many cities use pervious concrete to make pavements.

Besides, the runways of schools and many stadiums now use pervious concrete.

For its advantages, they are below:

  • It is strong and wear-resistant.
  • And it can also adapt to changes in outdoor weather.
  • Besides, people can design it into a sporty style.

For parks and courtyards

Nowadays, people widely use stamped concrete and stencilled concrete for parks, courtyards, and terraces. People can use stamped concrete and stamped concrete to design various textures. Such as marble texture, brick surface texture. Moreover, you can also design many patterns on the floor according to the style of the parks and your courtyards.

Even many parks with good conditions will use concrete to make a lot of outdoor rockery and other landscapes. In this way, the park has good viewing.

Moreover, outdoor concrete products are durable and require very little maintenance. So, in these outdoor public places, even if there are many people and has a lot the environmental impact, the viewing is also great.

Besides, sometimes we see a lot of wood grain trash cans in the park. They are also made of outdoor concrete.

city street

Advantages of using concrete outdoor

In some outdoor places, many people are coming and going. Moreover, many places and things require good design. Such as roads, streets, parks, and outdoor concrete table and chairs. Besides, outdoor places are troublesome to maintain. So, they need facilities made by easily maintained materials.

For this sake, outdoor concrete is a wonderful choice because of its good properties:

  • The high load-bearing capacity and good wear resistance of the concrete reduces the number of damages to the road surface and facilities in these places.
  • Moreover, concrete requires very little maintenance. It is very good for outdoor concrete table and chairs.
  • In addition, the properties are also very stable. This is a good resistance to the damage caused by frequent changes in the weather and environment in these places. And it also avoids a lot of repairs and maintenance. And that’s a good reason why outdoor concrete table and chairs are suitable for the park.

Now with the improvement of living and aesthetic standards, outdoor places also need highly design to attract people. And people can also make various colours and patterns on the concrete. And they can even engrave various styles in outdoor concrete.

So, concrete products meet this demand well. Such as outdoor concrete table and chairs.

Besides, compared to marble, wood products, the price of concrete products like outdoor concrete table and chairs is much cheaper.

Therefore, choosing outdoor concrete for these places is the preferred choice of people now. For example, you can choose an outdoor concrete table and chairs for parks to resistant the damage by people and weather.

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For better artistic and use effect, people now prefer to use outdoor concrete. Commonly, it has three types. They are pervious concrete, stamped concrete, and stencilled concrete.

Because of its amazing features, they are widely used in many ways. Such as outdoor table and chairs, stairs, walls, floor. Moreover, they are widely used in many places. Such as parks, courtyards, schools and stadiums.

As for the advantages, outdoor concrete is:

  1. resistant to high temperature
  2. durable
  3. Has a long service life
  4. cheap price
  5. And people can design it into many shapes and styles

That’s all for the comprehensive introduction of outdoor concrete. If this blog is helpful to you, please share with the people who need it.

Moreover, we will keep bringing you new about concrete. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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