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Using Self Leveling Concrete Outdoors


Self leveling concrete outdoors is an incredibly efficient and time-saving solution to a wide range of outdoor projects.

It is designed to be self-smooth and self-level, perfect for areas with significant slopes or dips in elevations where it would be impractical to pour traditional concrete.

With self-leveling concrete outdoors, you don’t need to worry about precision when pouring the material as self-leveling concrete will do all the work for you!

Additionally, Self Leveling Concrete Outdoors solutions are easy to install, durable, weather resistant, and look great when finished.

Self-leveling concrete can be used for residential and commercial applications so if you’re planning a project like a patio, driveway installation or pool surround make sure Self Leveling Concrete Outdoors is on your list!


In this blog post, we’ll mention:

  1. What is self-leveling concrete outdoors
  2. How to apply Self-leveling concrete outdoors
  3. The advantages of Self-leveling concrete outdoors
  4. Quality products suitable for Self-leveling concrete outdoors
  5. How do you fix uneven outdoor concrete?


Self Leveling Concrete Outdoors

What is self leveling concrete outdoors?

What is self leveling concrete?

  • Self-leveling concrete is a poured concrete-like substance used as a floor liner, typically in preparation for tiling, vinyl flooring, or on its own.
  • Over the past few decades, self-leveling concrete has become increasingly popular as the need for modern flooring has become more prevalent both for self-leveling concrete outdoors and self-leveling concrete indoors.
  • Self-leveling concrete does not require large amounts of water and can be applied onto any non-flexible surface such as wood, tile, plywood, or existing concrete.

If you are interested in self-leveling concrete or need it, please feel free to visit our website to browse or buy!

What is Self Leveling Concrete Outdoors?

Self leveling concrete outdoors is an incredibly convenient and durable option for outdoor projects of various kinds. It’s composed of two particular materials, acrylic and water-based concrete.

Acrylic concrete is a mix of cement powder and liquid acrylic polymer, while the water-based substance typically features self-leveling properties alongside waterproofing abilities.

Water-based self-leveling concretes are mixed with water instead of liquid acrylic.

They both come in the form of a bag of powder that contains the latex compound used for mixing. The water-based self-leveling concrete type is easier to use and is ideal for beginners.

Self-leveling concrete outdoors poured in liquid form, then spread out with a measuring tool at a depth of 0.25 – 1.5 inches – much more efficient than traditional methods of laying concrete.

This creates a smooth, flat surface that has impressive compressive strength compared to old-fashioned methods.

To finish off your outdoor space with an extra touch of style, why not decorate the freshly laid self-leveling concrete with overlays or dyes?

Not only does it look great, but this material can be installed quickly and easily before and after construction which helps reduce damage costs over its lifespan.


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How to apply Self leveling concrete outdoors

Are you looking for a simple and cost-effective solution for restoring your concrete floor outdoors?

If the answer is yes, then self-leveling concrete might be the perfect option for you. Self-leveling concrete can be poured over existing damaged floors or prepped surfaces, is easy to install and still retains all the desirable properties of regular concrete in comparison.

Its non-shrink formula makes it ideal for outdoor applications, and it is versatile enough to be used on patios, decks, walkways, and other cemented areas.

With self-leveling concrete, you will enjoy less mess and a more structurally sound surface that will last for a long time despite harsh weather conditions.



  • The pouring area must be thoroughly cleaned with a high-pressure hose.
  • Loose debris should be removed from cracks using a wire brush and any paint or oil-based compounds should be cleared away.
  • Intumescent tape should then be applied along walls that come into contact with the area to allow for expansion and contraction of the new concrete surface due to temperature changes.
  • And then the self-leveling concrete needs to be mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions until it has the consistency of the fine batter, mixing for three to four minutes.



  • The self-leveling concrete mixture is poured into the prepared area in 2-foot-wide samples.
  • A concrete rake or trowel may be used to apply the mixture, if necessary.
  • The entire surface should be covered with a 2-foot wide square of the mixture.
  • Gravity will work evenly on the mixture and flatten any uneven surfaces over time.



  • The newly poured area should be left uncovered for at least 72 hours to ensure it is completely dry.
  • After the concrete has been set, moisture-resistant paint should be applied in order to preserve the life of the new work.


Do you know some installation tips for Self-leveling concrete outdoors?

8 tips for a better concrete installation:

-Safety first! Take the time to read through those comprehensive instructions from your manufacturer. Don’t take any shortcuts – trust them, they know best! And if anything seems off with their steps and yours? Stick to what they say!

-Stock up! Make sure you have more products than you need for your project! Just a slight difference in thickness can add up to multiple bags of material. So be prepared with the perfect amount from the get-go.

-Get your gear in order and make those 10-20 minutes count! Your time is limited, so make sure you’re all set with your supplies beforehand.

-To keep your straightener in its best shape, make sure it’s dry and safe – store bags indoors to avoid humidity or any moisture on the floor.

-Our products don’t like too much heat or cold when mixing- it’s best to keep them away from extreme temperatures.

-Don’t get tempted to add water when using this product – the mixing ratio is essential.

-Make sure to tidy up once you’re done with your tools and buckets – because if that gunk has time to settle, it ain’t budging.

-When you pour out your product, go slowly and carefully to ensure that it stays within its limits. Otherwise, if too much comes out all at once – scoop up the extra with haste before it goes in!

Self Leveling Concrete Outdoors

The advantages of Self leveling concrete outdoors

Self-leveling concrete is ideal for any type of outdoor surface, from decks to open parking lots. It saves money in the long run and provides benefits that go beyond just cost savings. Self-leveling concrete ensures a consistent and smooth surface without the need for manual labor or expensive construction costs.


  • -Self-leveling concrete is an ideal underlayment for other floors and can also be used as a standalone flooring option. It is essentially a method of preparing a stable ground surface for the installation of another type of flooring or for use as standalone flooring. This concrete offers many benefits outdoors, such as self-contained drainage and improved flexibility from the weather. With its strong self-levelling properties, it’s ideal for outdoor areas where levels of usage may differ throughout the year.


  • -Self-leveling concrete outdoors has a wide range of benefits, especially when used outdoors. It not only makes the paving process much messier and hassle-free, as it does not require any water for placement unlike traditional concrete but also lasts longer due to being unaffected by heat expansion or contraction. This makes it the ideal material to use when leveling out external surfaces.


  • -Self-leveling concrete outdoors provides benefits for any outdoor job you might have, from patios and pathways to pool decks. It’s easy to use too; it can be quickly spread over any non-flexible surface in order to provide a durable and smooth finish.


  • -Furthermore, self-leveling concrete makes it easier for newly trained workers too – installation and leveling are much simpler compared with regular concrete so it’s ideal for those who are new to mixing and pouring. Ultimately, self-leveling concrete provides many benefits and if you’re considering a project that needs long-lasting materials, then this could be the perfect option!


  • -Not only is it much stronger than regular concrete, but it is also far more resistant to mold growth when exposed to wet conditions. These qualities make self-leveling concrete an ideal choice in many outdoor construction projects. With its improved strength and mold resistance, self-leveling concrete can also help to extend the life of any building it is used in, ensuring it will remain standing for years to come.


  • -The drying time of self-leveling concrete is significantly shorter than that of regular cement, saving time on the next step. Not only does self-leveling concrete save time with its significantly shorter drying time than regular cement, but it also benefits by being easy to work with due to its smoother surface.


With the increased popularity of such projects and their increase in complexity, self-leveling concrete offers a great solution that allows outdoor technicians and landscapers the ability to execute difficult projects quickly and accurately. It can be used on any outdoor project such as walkways, sidewalks, and patios with ease.


micro cement suppliers

Quality products suitable for Self leveling concrete outdoors


Setcrete Exterior Floor Levelling Compound – 20kg

Setcrete™ Exterior Levelling Compound is an easy-to-use floor leveling compound, ideally suited for smoothing areas such as balconies, patios, garages, and walkways, and is unaffected by rain or frost when set and dried. It is also ideal for smoothing subfloors prior to the application of a suitable non-slip coating or covering such as external Porcelain Tiles or Artificial Grass. It can also be used as a standalone wearing surface.

Product details

Size: 20 kg

Coverage: 2.2m2 @ 5mm thickness, 1.1m2 @ 10mm thickness

Application Thickness: 5 – 15 mm

Drying Time: 24hrs @ 15C +

Walk On Hardness Time: 90 mins

Working Time: 15 mins

Color: Grey

Type: Floor Levelling Compounds

Certifications Met: BS EN 1504-3 200

Manufacturer Model No: T0400E5A

Country Origin: UK

Brand Name: Setcrete

Range Description: Floor Levelling Compound


ARDEX K 301 Exterior Self-Levelling Concrete Resurfacing Compound 25kg

Fast setting – walkable after 2-3 hours

Rapid hardening – can withstand light vehicular traffic after 48 hours

Easy to mix and apply – pumpable

Apply from 2mm to 20mm thick in a single application

Can be used with suitable resin coatings

Suitable for internal and external applications

Coverage: Approximately 7.8m² at 2mm thick per 25kg bag

Product details

Brand: ARDEX

Bulk Density of Powder:approx. 1.37kg/litre

Weight of Fresh Mortar:approx. 1.94kg/litre

Initial Set (Vicat):approx. 40 minutes

Final Set (Vicat):approx. 2 hours

Compressive Strength:After 7 days 20.0 N/mm², After 28 days 28.0 N/mm²

Tensile Bending Strength:After 28 days 6.5 N/mm²

Overcoat Time for Industrial Coatings:Up to 5mm = 2 days, Up to 10mm = 5 days, Up to 20mm = 7 days


Exterior Floor Levelling Compound

Model CTR044

Resincoat Exterior Floor Levelling and Resurfacing Compound is designed as a non-structural grade levelling product to repair and resurface damaged or weakened concrete. The formula is suitable for use under external coverings or on areas exposed to rain or frost such as walkways and driveways. This product creates a solid subfloor for the subsequent application of paints and coatings.

Water Mix

Ready for light traffic in 2 hours

Suitable as a subfloor for many Resincoat paints

Simple and easy to apply

Incredibly durable

Product details

Technical Data 10-15 minute working time

Package Size 25kg

Colour Grey/Concrete-like

Drying Time @ 20°C 2 hours @ 20°C

Operating Temperature 5°C +

Usage – Interior / Exterior Exterior use

Self Leveling Concrete OutdoorsHow do you fix uneven outdoor concrete?

If you’ve noticed some uneven patches of concrete on your outdoor surfaces and want to fix them, sealing up the cracks is a good place to start. With a close inspection, you can identify all the areas that need repair and then tackle the job with the right materials.

Clean the existing slab.

With some elbow grease, a broom, and some pressure washing or scrubbing if necessary, you can remove any dirt, debris, and algae that may have pooled on the surface.

Taking your time on this step ensures that whatever steps come after having better results and are more effective in making a level surface for your patio or walkway.

Add Primer To The Concrete, and Add Leveler To Uneven Concrete.

It can be used to fix sunken surfaces, low spots, and even high spots caused by weathering or settling.

To get started on this fix, you first need to apply primer directly to your concrete surface in order for it to take hold effectively. The primer will help ensure an even distribution of self-leveling concrete and that the fix is done correctly and securely with no bumps.

The last step, apply for a new Outdoor Paver Patio.

Once you have fixed the uneven surface of your concrete and it has been allowed to dry for a few days, the last step is to apply for a new outdoor paver patio.

Paving stones provide stability, traction, and durability that can help protect your outdoor space from water damage or erosion. With the right design, materials, and installation procedure, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that will last for years to come.

With proper maintenance, your paver patio should remain even and level with little or no weathering or settling over time.



Not only is self-leveling concrete outdoors incredibly easy to use – its self leveling properties mean that it can be applied with minimal effort – but self-leveling concrete also has excellent strength and durability.

It’s easy to see why self-leveling concrete is becoming more popular among those who are looking for a long-lasting, smooth surface finish.

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