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All about Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a customized product that can be tailored to suit your individual design goals and budget. Whether you want to achieve a natural look or create a unique and innovative design, the versatility of stamped concrete will ensure the beautiful end result you’re envisioning.

By imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete, you can achieve the high-end look of natural stone or brick and often at a lower cost!

10 places of Stamped Concrete can be used



3.Building Entrances


5.Pool Decks






(1 location) includes all of the following definitions…..

These are outdoor, airy, aesthetically pleasing places,So exterior areas is the ideal for use.But this floor may be influence by temperature, wind and rainy day, so it is necessary to master the strain capacity of construction, and the management requirements and protection standards for urgent condition.

5 places shouldn’t be used

Ideal for use on interior floors in:

1 Commercial Buildings

2 Retail Stores & Restaurants

3 Grocery Stores

4 Warehouses

5 Garages

These occasions are indoor and ventilated places, So interior areas are not the best fit for use.The reason Stamped Concrete shouldn’t be used is because of the release agent and sealer.

SuccessCrete regular products include 3 types:

  1. Color Hardener “Powder”
  2. Release Agent “Powder”
  3. Solvent-based Sealer “Sealer”

Because indoor and outdoor product performance is not the same, outdoor is much than strictly than the interior, dut to UV resistant and weather resistance.

If stamping concrete indoors or another area where powdered release agents are not suitable, this clear release liquid can be used. Spray light coat on stamping tool and area to be stamped.

If replace Solvent-based sealer to Water-based Sealer.

Water-based sealer is environmentally friendly, but it is unsuitable for outdoor usage.

Solvent-based sealer may contain benzene, toluene, xylene and other toxic solvents which are not suitable for indoor use, there are also volatile, volatile is not good for the human, even worse it can cause cancer.

Therefore, we don’t recommend our concrete for indoor areas without ventilation.

The Stamped Concrete main benefits are as following

Here are the main ways stamped concrete offers real benefits in terms of performance, cost savings, and aesthetics.

Fast installation

Unlike natural stones or pavers, stamped concrete installers first pour concrete then apply colour, pattern and sealer step by step. So it saves a lot of time to haul and place pavers or stones by hand.

Long last

Under proper installation, stamped concrete lasts for decades and looks great. it never needs resetting or replacing.

It holds up better to traffic and wear, and is durable in many types of environment.

Variety Design

Stamped concrete offers a variety of colours and patterns options, making it the first choice to your home’s exterior. Common popular patterns include Random Stone, Ashlar Slate, European Fan, London Cobble, Brick(Herring Bond &Running Bond). Colours range from beige to black with the option of mixing colours.

Increase value

Stamped Concrete can be made into a variety of appearance, then improve the comfort of the living environment, so the property’s value is on the rise. Without any doubt, you can invest the budget on Stamped Concrete over plain concrete.

Less maintenance

It is very simple to do maintenance, that is resealed surface to preserve its colour every 1~2 years. Even if you don’t reseal it, it makes sense.

Stamped Concrete VS Paver

The biggest confused choice that you may face is choosing outdoor materials due to the many patterns, colors and textures offered by both paver and stamped concrete.We have made a comparison to let you know which one will be choose.


Both pavers and stamped concrete can be a large investment. The total cost for stamped concrete or pavers depends on your location, quality and labour cost. Generally, pavers are more expensive than stamped concrete in the budget of per square feet.

(Stamped Concrete > Paver)


It’s faster to pour and stamped work than it is to lay the same area of pavers. But you may consider long-lasting, professional finish that you can enjoy for many years. It is proud to show and look at the successful project.

(Stamped Concrete> Paver)


There’s no question pavers are long-lasting and tougher than stamped concrete. (stamped concrete may last up to 25 years and longer, and paver may last up to and beyond 50 years, but the exact time depends on the following condition like the material use, climate, and proper installation.)

(Stamped Concrete<Paver)

4.Patterns and Designs

Both Stamped Concrete and Pavers come in a wide variety of colours and textures. From granite to marble, there is a concrete finish available to match your project.

Concrete can be prepared onsite, that means colour can be adjusted as you like. By comparison, Paver is moulded out from the factory, so the colour can’t be changed.

(Stamped Concrete> Paver)

Stamped Concrete VS Stone

If you are considering installing a patio in your yard, you’re going to have to choose a material. In general, there are three options to choose from: stone, pavers, and concrete. Let me explain what’s pros and cons.


With a variety of stone materials existing, you can create a patio which is unique and eye-catching which can offer you a comfortable environment.


  1. # A variety of styles and textures

There are hundreds of stone you can choose from, like flagstone, slate, travertine, or limestone. Available with both flat and hammed surfaces, stone comes in many different shapes as well. You are able to find everything from diamonds, to rectangles, to irregular shapes, and more.

  1. # Easy to repair

We just remove the cracked stone and replace it with a new one.


  1. # Expensive cost

Stone costs a pretty penny. For example, it will cost as much as double the price of concrete in per square feet.

  1. # Prone to Shifting

Over time, as the weather changes, Stone could either move apart from each other to one another.

Stamped Concrete

If you’re looking for something on the cheap, Stamped Concrete is a very solid option.


  1. # Affordable

Stamped Concrete is a great deal cheaper one than stone.
Whereas Stone goes for around $15 to $25 per square foot, Stamped Concrete goes for around $8 to $20 per square foot.

  1. # Numbers of Colors and Patterns

These days,there are many patterns can be chosen like stone,brick,slate and color from dark to light colors.If you don’t have any idea what you want,pls contact us for more option.


  1. # Repair Costly

While concrete is affordable, when it becomes cracked, it can be costly to repair,because the entire stamped concrete will need to be dug out and replaced.

  1. # Prone to Cracking

Because all concrete is a solid mass, and as concrete heat expands and cold contracts. it results in the formation of cracks.

There is no definitive best material for a patio.It depends on your budget and your specific desires.

 AsphaltNatural StonePrecast PaversStamped Concrete
Design Versatility:
Countless color combinations, hundreds of patterns
Ability to Customize:
Imprint logos, crests, monograms, or other personalization
Longevity and Performance:
Ability to withstand harsh winter weather, offers decades of service with minimal maintenance
Speed of Installation:
It takes 5 days to install a 2,000-square-foot stamped concrete driveway vs. 10-12 days for natural stone or pavers*
All paving materials require removal of dirt and stains
Annual seal coatingRemoval of weeds and moss in joints with sand requiredRemoval of weeds and moss in joints with sand requiredResealing every few years to protect from stains and maintain color
Average Cost Per Square Foot
Depends on complexity of job (see cost)
$2 – $2.50$25 and up$4 – $20$8 – $20


As a durable and colorful alternative to regular concrete, stamped concrete is a popular choice for all outdoor paving needs, such as sideway, patios, driveways, pool decks.

An easy installation and maintenance material, This types of  concrete comes in as an almost unlimited variety of design and color options(From brick,slate,stone,etc.)

We’ve been in decorative concrete business for 30 years, and our skillful construction team will be able to create a stamped concrete design that meets your needs and achieves that what you needs.

“SuccessCrete”Stamped Concrete is concrete that is patterned or textured or embossed to resemble brick,slate,flagstone,stone,tile,wood,and various other patterns and textures. It is a customized product that can be tailored to suit your individual design goals and budget.

Whether ou want to achieve a natural look or create a unique and innovative design,the versatility of stamped concrete will ensure the beautiful end result you’re envisioning.By imprinting patterns in freshly placed concrete,you can achieve the high-end look of natural stone or brick -and often at a lower cost.

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