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What is Stencilled Concrete

Stencilled Concrete is a process with the application of desired patterns and colour hardener and curing agent into the fresh concrete surface, which produces a harder wearing coloured surface resembling paving with brick, stone, slate finishes.

Stencilled concrete gives the appearance of real tile, stone or brick without higher costs and more maintenance. It can offer us a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from.

Stencilled concrete leaves a flat and even surface to suit for outdoor space like pool decks, walkways, driveways even interior floors.


Our extensive range of stencilled patterns will suit all areas, from old style cobbles to natural bush rock through to stylish tiles. SuccessCrete offers a proven coloured finished system with low starting costs. With quality products, reasonable prices, and outstanding technical support and after-sale service. We’re here to support you!

2.Stenciled Concrete can be used of as following places:

Stenciled Concrete Project 1

Residential – driveways, patio’s, paths and swimming pool surrounds

Streetscape – footpaths, parks, bus stops, parking bays, turning facilities and speed limiting humps.

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Roadways – roundabouts, medium strips, traffic islands and private entry pavements and highlighted entrances onto minor roads

Infrastructure/projects – pathways and pedestrian access into shopping centres, schools and universities.Landscaped areas of public assets and institutional buildings.

Because Stenciled Concrete is mainly applied outdoors, it is highly dependent on the weather. The climate has a great influence on construction quality during the process.

The construction of Stenciled Concrete must avoid rain, snow, wind sand and frozen weather. The process must also be prohibited in places with a large temperature difference between day and night. Only a good construction environment can ensure construction quality. During the construction, it is necessary to avoid cross-construction with other teams and take closed measures on the construction site when necessary.

If the temperature is too high, it will be easy to dry out the products, which will increase the operation difficulty of the construction staff and test the construction team’s skills.

If humidity is too high, the product will be particularly difficult to dry out, especially colour hardener dries slowly, dust and other sundries are easy to pollute its surface resulting in poor decorative effect so that its hardness is reduced, wear resistance becomes poor, easy to destroy the construction site, directly affect the service life, even worse, you may need to rework.

We recommend best-fit construction temperature with humidity (5C<T<30C)  (H<80%)

Stencilled Concrete can’t be used of as the following place:

We don’t recommend areas like indoor and unventilated places. One of the stenciled concrete materials is the solvent sealer especially useful for outdoor areas, which can resist UV ray and anti-fading. Actually we can change water-based sealer especially indoor usage.

Other reasons, Color Hardener is a powder, we are worried that the powder and dust will drift down to every corner during indoor construction, polluting the indoor air and affecting the living environment. Stencilled Concrete is commonly used outdoors, and there are too many choices of indoor materials, so Stenciled Concrete is not widely used in indoors.

Benefits of the Stenciled Concrete

Affordable : Stenciled gives your concrete the look of stone, brick, or tile with low cost.

Customization: Stenciled Concrete has a variety of options with DIY designs. It is a truly customized floor with any design you is flexibility in colours and patterns.

Monolithic: Stenciled concrete is the perfect option for anyone who wants a smooth, seamless floor. Unlike brick, tile, or stone, Stenciled Concrete creates a smooth, monolithic surface that protects your concrete without grout lines.

Cost-Effective: Materials like stone, tile and brick are very expensive. They need to add labour costs onto the material cost. Stencilled Concrete is more affordable and quicker to install.

Low Maintenance: Traditional hardscaping materials are also high-maintenance. You have to replace cracked tiles, re-grout brick areas and remove weeds from between pavers. Stencilled Concrete eliminates all these issues, and is easier to clean. Just hose your Stenciled Concrete down and seal it now and then.

Easy apply: Applicable in locations of critical slopes.

# Solid and massive construction of reinforced concrete, also excellent resistance to impact and abrasion.

# 100% anti-slip surface, No rubbing, no fading colours, Resistant to pollution, Resistant to frost and chemicals.

# Flat and symmetric surface, does not deform, alter or crack with resistant to heavy loads.

Stencilled Concrete VS Stamped Concrete


#1 Use

Stamped Concrete and Stenciled Concrete are both used for outdoor spaces, like patios and driveways, pool deck and walkways.

#2 Installation

Both Stamped Concrete and Stenciled Concrete are easy to install, but it is not easy to work out a job for the first time without technical instruction.

#3 Maintenance

Apart from regular cleaning, both Stamped Concrete and Stenciled concrete require resealing after  every 1 or 2 years.


#1 Materials

Stamped Concrete involves using rubber mats on fresh concrete to produce a specific pattern on the surface. Stencilled Concrete is created by applying rolls of patterned paper to achieve the desired look.

#2 Appearance

Stencilled Concrete achieves a more uniform surface profile, but the joints do not run so deep.

#3 Cost

Stamped Concrete costs less than stencilled concrete.

More different also including the factories like:

 # Design

Stamped Concrete varieties are available in various patterns and colours. You can integrate multiple patterns over a wide area to achieve a unique and attractive look. You can create any surface as brick, marble, granite, wood, flagstones or cobblestones.

Stencilled concrete offers greater versatility in design. Computer designs can give you a wide pattern to choose from, including graphics and intricate patterns. If you like an intricate design for your concrete setting, Stenciled concrete may work out better because of the virtually unlimited design options, including graphics.

# Durability

Stamped Concrete is not only stylish and attractive but also holds up well to weather extremities.

Although Stenciled Concrete will offer the look you like, it will not endure as long as the Stamped Concrete. What’s more, a concrete patio is durable and is a worthy investment that will add value to your home.

Stenciled Concrete VS Exposed Aggregates

When it comes to the materials that can be used for driveway paving. Two options that you should definitely know about are Stenciled Concrete and Exposed Aggregate.

# Stencilled concrete produces a surface in a one-step application that contains the texture of brick, stone, or tile, and includes a realistic grout line.

# Exposed Aggregate concrete is a special mixture which is poured in the same way, later we need to remove the top surface in order to expose the aggregate underneath.

Learning about some of the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of paving can help you choose.

Advantages and Disadvantages - Stenciled Concrete

One of the main benefits of Stenciled Concrete driveways is that it requires very little maintenance and, with the proper care, can last up to 20 years or more. Stencilled Concrete holds up well against extreme weather conditions and just need reseal every 1 or 2 years.

Many homeowners like the nice, clean, colour look of a Stenciled Concrete. However, other homeowners might be looking for something more decorative and aesthetically appealing for the driveway . Winter maintenance is also another factor when deciding which type of paving a homeowner should pick.

Advantages and Disadvantages - Exposed Aggregate

Because of the variety of different colours and textured mixes available, Exposed Aggregate is highly versatile and can be paired with all types of exteriors and landscaping requirement. Additionally, the rugged surface is skid resistant and just requires less maintenance.

Even incredibly durable, Exposed Aggregate is easier to damage and needs to be sealed more often. The top layer is more likely to trap dirt and other debris and is hard to clean. But it can be quickly cleaned with a powerful wash. However, if you really like exposed aggregate, then you may need to find out some extra maintenance tasks to be worth the effort.

We install exposed aggregate concrete that is both affordable and durable, providing the perfect driveway paving solution.

Conclusion of Stenciled Concrete

Stencilled Concrete is a decorative concrete system of adding colours, pattern and texture to the surface at the time of pouring. The finished simulates and gives the appearance of a variety of patterns such as bricks, stone, tiles and with clean grout line.

To be as creative as you like with our extensive ranges of Stenciled patterns. It can suit any look you choose even graphics and intricate patterns.

Stencilled concrete is a strong and durable flooring option, it produces a more realistic appearance, comparable to brick, stone, tile, etc.

Success Crete Stenciled Concrete offers a proven system with low start-up costs. With

20+ years of quality products, reasonable prices, and outstanding technical instruction and customer support. We’re here to support you!

“SuccessCrete ”Stenciled Concrete is an exciting new way apply colour, texture and character to existing concrete. It is a polymer-based cementitious spray-on re-surfacing system. SuccessCrete Stenciled Concrete is formulated to produce a decorative abrasion-resistant textured coating on existing plain concrete pavement, concrete slab floors and walls and is a non-slip surface simulating stone, brick pavers and tiles.

Stencilling is ideal for garden surrounds and enhancing your outdoor landscape as it is versatile and adds beauty to your living environment. Create a warm and inviting look to your home with a variety of colours and patterns available.

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